Fraternity Formal

As the weather starts to warm up, and the semester continues to fly by, it is time to start thinking about Spring Formal ‘14! Whether your chapter hosts a one night event at a local third party vendor, or goes on a weekend vacation, Fraternity formals are the best time of the year for almost every Frat.  Formal is the main event that brothers look forward too because it is usually at the end of the semester, right before finals. The timing is great because it’s a chance to celebrate the semester and the initiation of new members into your chapter, before having to deal with the stress of finals. It is important for fraternities to have a Formal Chair who plans where the formal will be, a hotel or house for the members to stay during the weekend, food and beverages for the event, and handles the costs.  It is also a great idea to make t-shirts and for big brothers to pay for their little who has just been initiated and are attending their first formal. Also be sure to get as many alumni to attend as possible. These are a few traditions my fraternity has always done and it works out great! Formal is the best time of the year for fraternities so make sure to take time setting it up and it will be a good time for all the brothers and their dates.

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End of Semester Sorority Bonding!

As the semester winds down, every sorority wants to have a few last hurrahs. Why not do a little sorority bonding? It’s a great way to get every member involved and give your sisters memories that last the whole summer! Here are some ideas for bonding that will give your members something fun to take home or be a part of.

Tye Dye Shirts – Everyone loves a good tie dye session. Each member can make their own shirts and take them home! You can have every member dye in your sorority colors if you want, and when everyone’s done you all can show off how different your tie dye designs are. Each shirt has the same colors, but they’re all original, just like every sorority member!

Dart Art—This idea is perfect if you want something to put in your sorority house, or on a big wall. You can get anything, a large sheet or a huge piece of paper or you can spring for a big piece of canvas. Next, duct tape your sorority letters onto it. When that’s done, have all the SONY DSCsorority members can help put paint into balloons, tie the balloons, and tape or pin the balloon ends to your canvas. Then take some darts and throw them at your canvas! You’ll end up with a splatter painted canvas. When the paint is dry, take the duct tape off and you have a work of art! Check our Pinterest board for more direction, and more fun bonding ideas!


Close pin Collage – Grab a piece of cardboard and cut out a circle. Then cut out the middle of the circle so you have a ring. cf96fb47dfebbb60ab094e48d579ed17Take some close pins and use wood glue to glue your close pins onto the outside of your ring, and do that all the way around. You can decorate it by coloring your close pins if you want. When the glue is dry, put your pictures in the close pins and you’ll have a wheel of photos!

Memory Jar- Have every sorority member get a mason jar. They can SAMSUNGdecorate their jar so it has their name on it, or whatever they want. Label each jar with someone’s first name. Every member can write memories they have with each member on small pieces of paper, and put those memories in their respective jars. When you’re all done, every member should have a jar full of memories that they can look at over the summer!


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Happy bonding!

Get Your Greek Single Shirts Now!

Spring has finally begun, and most college semesters will come to an end pretty soon, which means you only have a little bit of time to buy your last minute apparel items!GreekTshirt_1692_square-01

Our Press Collection offers a variety of shirts to help you show off your personality. There are tons of ways to remember the year with Greek apparel. Did you win your Greek Sing competition? Maybe you could get the whole sorority Greek Sing Winner’s shirts! If you’re a senior, you could buy a senior shirt!

You don’t need a special reason to buy  new sorority shirts. Take a look at our summer designs like this one, and choose a shirt that can remind every member of their family at school while they’re at home for the summer. Our shirts are light and airy, perfect for those summer days and nights.

If any of these ideas interest you, take a look at our designs and get your orders in soon! That way you can get your orders just in time for you to go on summer break! Many designs, like the one below, can be customized for any organization. Check out the “FOR ANY” categories for both sororities and fraternities to start your order now. :)




Participate In Greek On Campus Events

Every semester the Sororities on campus host a number of events where they encourage the participation of Fraternities. Attending events, like philanthropy events, bake sales, and competitions, hosted by Sororities on campus has a number of benefits for Fraternities. Not only are you spending time with some of the best ladies on campus, but you’re most likely participating is something that is supporting a great cause. Some Sororities host events like all you can eat wings and 3-on-3 basketball tournaments where all participants donate a certain amount of money and the winner has a portion of it donated to their organizations philanthropy, the rest goes to the Sororities philanthropy. These events draw big crowds, so it’s a great place for your Fraternity to make a name for themselves by making a big donation or winning a competition. Sometimes, sororities will give away things throughout the events that Fraternity guys love like t-shirts, koozies, and sunglasses. So be sure to get your Fraternity involved in upcoming events on campus for a great time with great people.

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It’s All About Bows!

It is true that bows make everything cuter. I believe it to be a fact.  You can wear it in your hair, on a dress, your shoes, or even on a bag!  Bows aren’t only for the little girl look anymore, they are trendy and can be incorporated into any style. The side braid that Lauren Conrad coined as her signature look a few years back is beginning to grow old! Spice up your hair styles by adding a cute hair bow. Another idea is to maybe start buying pieces of clothes that already sport the bow look !


Check out some of our favorite bow styles below :)





For a more signature style you could add our super cute bows to the back of a personalized tank! Your chapter will definitely stand out during Recruitment or on Bid Day with this original custom add on! We have dozens of unique prints and solids you can choose from to accent your fun and flirty racer-back tanks!


For more information about the Sorority Bow Tanks click on our website here ! Also, for more ideas for bow styled inspiration head on over our All About Bows Pinterest Board :)


Fun Ways to Say Goodbye to Graduating Sisters

It’s always bittersweet when sisters graduate, but it doesn’t have to be sad. You can make their last day with their favorite girls the best day ever by giving them a sentimental gift or two! Here are some ideas:fac31b8ab428beb83a196beeeff9bb53

Sorority Letters—Get some wooden sorority letters, paint them with your sorority colors and then have every member sign them with a sharpie. These are fun to make, easy to buy and they’ll be easy for the graduate to pack and keep with her.  Depending on how many sisters are graduating, you can have a party and make these for every graduating sister. They’re inexpensive and it’s a perfect way to make sure that the graduates will always remember everyone.

Photo Collage—There are so many ways to do a photo collage. You can go buy a big frame, and put the photos together in that, or you can get super creative and deco mesh a bunch of photos onto a big letter, like the first letter in her name. Either way, you can put together so many priceless 212639202sorority memories.

Shirts!—Everyone loves a good sorority shirt. You could get together as a sorority and get all the graduating sisters a sorority shirt. That way they can leave with a shirt that’s all their own, and every time they wear it they’ll remember how much you care. Check out our Press Collection for fun designs like this one! Your graduating sisters will love them =)

Spring Closet Cleaning!


It is that time of year again. Spring is officially here! This season is associated with fresh starts and new beginnings! Everyone seems to be getting so excited about the weather warming up and the school year coming to an end. Although the idea of cleaning may be a drag, it is totally worth the feeling of accomplishment at the end!

Here are some tips to make the annual dreaded clean, a good one!

Make your cleaning space fun! 

It may sound silly but it is true! If you’re not setting the mood to get stuff done, you won’t do it! So let some light in your blinds, crack a window, and play some music (maybe your favorite Spring playlist).

Make a list.

Lists are always helpful, butt especially when you’re cleaning and dealing with multiple drawers or closets! Write down the areas you want to target so you can check them off the list after you have gone through them! Maybe start with the closet, then go to the dressers and drawers.

Pile it up.

I know what you’re thinking. Piles seem to look messy and isn’t this whole post about cleaning? You may be right about it looking messy, BUT ultimately separating clothes into piles will essentially organize your wardrobe into what you want to keep or not keep! I usually do a “yes” pile, a “no” pile, and a “maybe” pile.

Be realistic.

If you’re like me, we always seem to have an attachment to something we’ve never even worn but have kept around for years, correct?! I am guilty of this but it is time to be realistic. My new method is to think if I haven’t worn it for a year, I’ll probably never wear it so it gets dumped in the “no” pile right away!  Also, we need to stop making up excuses for events we MIGHT go to just so we can wear that certain piece of clothing! Just be realistic and honest with yourself about whether you will really wear those clothes again!


Time to say goodbye to those ripped jeans that didn’t come like that! Not everything has to be thrown out though. There are plenty of thrift stores that will take gently used clothing. You could even donate your clothes to an organization that gives clothes to people who need them! This way you are doing something for yourself while also helping others :)

Hopefully after these tips you’ll be organized and your closet will look something like this:


Now that you’ve made room for new Spring clothes, check out our most recent contest on our Facebook page here to win a $100 e-gift card to Lilly Pulitzer by viewing our press collection!

Make your Little a Summer Basket!

The end of the semester means saying goodbye to some of your favorite people, your little being one of the most important. Show her how much you’ll miss her by making her a Summer Little Basket! There are plenty of ways to get her some stuff she’ll love, without spending a ton of money. Here are a few ideas:

Make a mixed CD. They’re super easy to make, and it’s a great way to bond over your favorite tunes. Put some songs on there that she can jam out to while she drives home (especially if GreekTshirt_0803she lives a few hours away, or more than a few.) She’ll love the heartfelt gift and she’ll think about you while she listens to it!

Get her a sorority t-shirt! We have tons of summer styles, like this one, that your little would look great in. They’re light and perfect for summer weather, and it’ll remind her of the sisters she loves. Check out our exclusive summer styles here, or go to our Press Collection for customizable designs!

Pack her some beach stuff. Maybe give her a cute cover-up or a towel in your sorority colors. Then add some little things like sun block, tanning oil, sunglasses, or some stickers so she can do tanning tattoos. Giving her stuff she’ll be able to use will make her love and miss you even more. And if you don’t have to part for the whole summer, then you and your8802 little can use this stuff together!

Customize a sorority tote for her! That way she has something to put all this stuff in when she goes out or goes to the beach. You can put your sorority letters on it, or you can put “Little” on her bag, and get one that says “Big” just for you! Greek Streak will have customizable totes coming soon!

These are just a few ways to show your love, but you can add anything you want to your Summer Little Basket. Got some awesome ideas? Leave them in our comments section!

Put a Little Spring in Your Space!

Step right into spring by making your space a little brighter! It’s finally spring, and having indoor plants are the perfect way to add some spring to your apartment or dorm. Here are some plants that are easy to maintain, and pretty too!



These plants are really pretty and their leaves come in all kinds of colors. They’re also great for students in dorms or apartments because they don’t need to be outside. They need a little bit of sun and they’re most comfortable at around room temperature.


Cacti cacti-2

There are so many different kinds of cacti, so you can pick one that shows a bit of your personality! They also come in so many different colors. They’re easy to take care of, needing a bit a window sun and some water every other day or so. You and your little could each pick a cactus that has your sorority colors! And then you can watch them grow just like your love for each other =)

Lucky Bamboo il_fullxfull.267576118

These plants are just green, but they’re classic and timeless. They’re also a great gift because they’re not too expensive, and they’re said to bring fortune and good luck to the bamboo owner. You can also grow them in almost anything as long as it has a lot of water. So you could whip out your puffy paint, make a design on a vase, fill it with pebbles and some water and stick your lucky bamboo right inside. You can also buy water beads, and they come in all kinds of colors.

Aloe Plant Aloe-vera

Aloe plants are super useful and very easy to maintain. Just give it a big pot and some room to grow, and you’ll have your very own lotion and sunburn cream.  All you have to do is cut one of the aloe leaves off and use the aloe for tons of home remedies, and the aloe will just grow back. This is great to have in the summer because it’s the best for sunburns. I have an aloe plant, and I use it every time I burn in the summer.

Don’t forget to decorate your pots! Make them a part of your home by putting your letters on them, or have big and little pots! It’s a great way to give your home a little bit of spring, and show a little bit of you at the same time. Check out our Press Collection designs for shirts that are perfect for spring and for showing off your sorority pride!

Last minute to-do’s to prep for Formal!

If you’re in a sorority, you can agree that it is a known fact that spring formal is an event that is known for having a ton of pictures to be taken. So it is no surprise that everyone wants to look their best ! By now you have either just come back with a nice tan from somewhere warm for Spring Break or have already booked your spray tan as well as ordered your dress and are probably planning how you will do your hair.

Here are some tips to ensure you will look and feel great on that amazing night!

  1. Get your beauty sleep!!- it sounds like a no-brainer but getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep before the big event will ensure that you’re well rested and will have the energy to last all night dancing! Also, not to mention you’ll look and feel refreshed! (Raccoon eyes are not a good look!)
  2. HYDRATE, HYDRATE!- drink plenty of water! You should honestly be consuming about 2 liters a day! Drinking water helps process the salt in our bodies, boosts metabolism, and prevents dehydration.
  3. Eat the right foods- knowing what foods to eat on the day of is essential! Eating the wrong foods such as refined sugars, processed foods, and lots of bread can leave you feeling tired and bloated. No one wants to feel like that on a night when you’re supposed to feel gorgeous! For some healthy food ideas check out our Clean Eating Pinterest Board !
  4. Be camera ready- want picture perfect makeup? Here is a little secret: dip your makeup brush into a moisturizer cream, remove the excess cream, then dip the brush into a powder foundation. This technique prevents shine control and will have you looking flawless!

Still need spring formal attire? Take a look at Greek Streak’s Formal design gallery for ideas, or create your own design by completing a Quick Quote form.