Giant Paper Peony DIY

Craft the perfect Initiation decoration

This giant, paper peony is seriously easy to make! Our design team has racked up more than a few “Pinterest Fails”, but we had no trouble putting this one together. Get together with a big group of your sorority sisters and make 10 of these beauties to use as Initiation decoration. They would look absolutely amazing attached to an archway like the example shown below. Use softer colors like we did and have the new members stand underneath it to take their Initiation Photos!



– A LOT of tissue paper of varying colors and or patterns
– Clear tape
– Hot glue gun
– Some sharp scissors (seriously, we tried with dull ones and failed)

Step 1:


Gather all of your materials on a large table. Fold all of your tissue paper into an accordion shape, as shown. Use hot glue or tape to bind it right in the middle of the accordian.

Step 2:


Cut the ends of both sides to be rounded. Gently pull up on the top layer, it will start to sort of look like a blooming flower.

Step 3:


Continue gently pulling up layer after layer, pulling them toward the center. Fan the sides out as you go, to help it form more of a circular shape.

Step 4:


Keep gently pulling the “petals” upward. Check out how much you have left and try to balance the fluffiness. If you have a ton of tissue paper left, start making the layers closer together.



Fluff it up a little more and you’re good to go!

Get to know Greek Streak

Meet the Communications team!










Do you ever wonder who is creating your custom design, who you are emailing back and forth with or who is posting on Instagram? Meet the Greek Streak Communications team! Each member is dedicated to a different part of making sure that you get your dream design on the exact piece of apparel that you wanted, in time for your big event!

Brand Identity Developer
“On a daily basis, I work to maintain the brand by creating marketing collateral, updating the website and maintaining a social media presence. I interact with the customer through marketing and social media posts. I make sure that our customers know about any special promotions or fun contests that we are running!”

Business Development Manager
“As Business Development Manager I oversee both the Sales and Marketing departments and the Design team. It’s my job to make sure day to day operations are running smoothly and that our customer’s are receiving the best of the best from our staff. I also manage projects related to growing the brand and I’m constantly searching out new opportunities for Greek Streak! On any given day, I may be sourcing new garment styles or researching the latest decoration method. ”

Sales and Marketing Associate
“I primarily work directly with our customers on every aspect of the ordering process, including pricing and design! I am their go-to for any questions or concerns regarding any part of the ordering process. My end goal is to make the ordering process super easy and fun for the customer. “

Sarah H
Graphic Designer
“I work with customer requests, whether the request is a written list of items that they want in the design or a hand-drawn sketch that they’ve sent in. I also am constantly updating and adding designs to our product lines, like Spirit Jerseys and Single Order t-shirts.  I specialize in hand-drawn illustrations and patterns!”

Sarah B
Senior Graphic Designer
“I create custom designs for customers based on their requests. My favorite part of my job is being able to turn a simple sketch or request into something that the customer really loves. I oversee a team of graphic artists and manage the internship program for the design department. I also ensure that our customers receive their orders on time. ”

DIY Halloween Costumes

3 Crazy-Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is hard. You’re expected to have the perfect Halloween costume that you’ve planned weeks in advance, but class, social calendars and exams happen. To make your Halloween fun and stress-free, we’ve created 3 no-stress, insanely-easy, seriously you don’t have to be crafty at all, do-it-yourself Halloween costumes. You can make most of these with items that you already have!
The Greek Streak Graphic Artists compiled a bunch of crafty items and got creative (so you wouldn’t have to) to turn them into Halloween costumes.





1. Strawberry Shortcake:

13 14

Supplies Needed:
– Red tank, dress or shirt
– Colored construction paper
– Hot glue gun
– Wide, red headband
– Scissors

1. Cut your tan construction paper into teardrop (seed) shapes and glue them onto the red tank.
2. Cut your green construction paper into tall triangles, once you have 10 or so, fasten them into a circular shape with artists tape.
3. Attach one more strip to the bottom and then hot-glue that strip to the headband so that the “stem” will sit in the center of your head.







2. Gumball Glam:











Supplies Needed:
– A red t-shirt
– 2 packs of party balloons
– A cheap, thin, headband
– One large bag of small gumballs
– Hot glue gun
– Cheap sunglasses

1. Hot glue as many gumballs as you want to the outside of your sunglasses.
2. Hot glue one layer of gumballs to the top of your headband, then glue a second row to the front of your headband.
3. Put tiny holes into your shirt in groups of two.
4. Tie string around the end of your inflated balloons then push both ends of the string through the shirt.
5. Tie on the inside of the shirt and then put it on!








3. Sarah’s Arc










Supplies Needed:
– A white or tan, thicker headband
– Tan construction paper
– Twine
– Animal toys (these came off of a keychain)
– Hot glue gun

1. Wrap twine around your headband.
2. Cut your construction paper into two boat shapes that connect at the bottom.
3. Fold them together, leaving the bottom flat.
4. Glue the flat, bottom of the boat to the headband.
5. Carefully place your animals inside the boat and then hot glue them in.
6. Wrap more twin around the outside of the boat and sort of around the animals.







Extra Credit: Unicorn Shades

IMG_8817 5

When you have extra craft supplies…
Glue a few unicorns to some cheap sunglasses and wear them on Halloween or to your next concert or to Spirit Week, the possibilities are endless.


3 ways to use sorority experience to land your dream job

One of my biggest concerns when joining a sorority was that committing a large amount of my time to the sorority would keep me from doing other activities that would be more beneficial to my future career. I wondered if eating all of my meals at the sorority house would keep me from important networking around campus and I worried that future employers would not see my time in a sorority as a benefit.

I was wrong to worry. I currently work as the Brand Identity Developer for Greek Streak and use my sorority experience and knowledge every single day. I remember freezing up in the interview when they asked me if I had any knowledge of Greek Life. Luckily, I responded yes, I was a member of Chi Omega in college, and I went on to explain all of the ways that my time in Chi Omega helped me to learn valuable skills that can easily be applied to a career.

Not everyone will be as lucky as I was to find a career in an industry that caters to sorority and fraternity members, but you can still follow the three easy guidelines below to assure that you can apply your sorority or fraternity experience to your future career.

1.  Take on Leadership Roles in your Sorority
Improve your resume while you’re still in college by taking on leadership roles within your sorority or fraternity. You can list these roles on your resume and bring them up in your interview. If you were president, for example, you tell your future employer about the leadership skills you built and the ways in which you learned to lead others and make important decisions.

2. Add Your Greek Experience to your Resume
As I mentioned before, you can add your sorority or fraternity experience to your resume! You learned valuable skills that can be applied to the workplace. Create a “Volunteer Work” category and list your philanthropy involvement along with any other volunteer work you did in college. This shows employers that you are able to balance your time well, work well with others and it shows that you care about your community and the well-being of others. You should also list any leadership positions or major responsibilities that you took on in your sorority/fraternity.

3. Network Within Your Organization
Your sorority or fraternity can be a huge asset when it comes to networking and searching for a job. Join your organization’s alumni association and start connecting with other alumni in your chosen career field. They will likely be able to offer you guidance and maybe even a job! Many Greek organizations  have LinkedIn groups that you can join and chat within also. Networking is everything when it comes to securing a job in this market, so take advantage of what is likely the largest network of people you have ever been involved with.

Best of luck on your job hunt!

Brand Identity Developer
Greek Streak


Bid Day Poster/Banner Ideas

Bid Day is quickly approaching! Have you started making your posters and banners yet? Well here are a few ideas to get you started on what to say on them and how to dress.

1. Looking for a little Bid Day inspiration? How about a blast from the past with a Saved by the Bell banner?! Grab some neon colored paint, make some easy geometric shapes, and then match your outfits up with some neon scrunchies and tee shirts!


2. Show your new sisters that joining your house will make their life so great they’ll only need to live once! You can use any colors you want for this theme and carry the design throughout your tee- shirts! 4d44795bca2ec4ec66050820a1c2ddd6

3. Encourage your Bids that rushing with you is worth every minute of it! Make the banner fun and bright sticking with one color palette and then bring the color throughout your outfits for the day! Try purple shirts, with white jean shorts and purple vans matched up with some silver accessories!


4. Create posters with this saying, maybe try putting your sorority name at the bottom in cursive with glitter so it stands out. Then use silver jewelry, teal shirts with white converse and bows to complete the look for your Bid Day!6264757b5d03eb9682486a5f5b3022ba

5.What better way to show your spirit then with the American Dream? How could this not excite you into joining? Everyone is always chasing the American Dream and now you get to live it! Red, White, and Blue clothing and bows what more could you ask for?


6. Bows, on bows, on bows! What better way to bring your bids into the family then by tying your bond together with bows?! For the banner I’d try making one big bow and hanging it diagonally off the blue banner with the saying and name.


7. Nothings better then a little southern charm and tea. Welcome your bids in with class and sass! Coral shirts, yellow Jack Rodgers, pearls and floppy hats, who wouldn’t want to be seen at that party?


8. Loving the sea? Anchor yourself to something special for your Bid Day! Matching aqua/blue shirts to white jeans, blue shoes and gold anchor jewelry will surely make sure all your bids know their hooked on something special!


9. A childhood classic full of tongue twisters is a fun way to start off your Bid Day! Pink and White balloons, cotton candy, pink shirts and shoes  will have the whole street wishing they were with you!


10. Purple, Pearls, Wild, Girls! Is a fun Bid Day idea. You can wear pearls, purple shirts with cheetah print bows.


11. Want to show the best on Bid Day?  Sun shine, Home, and Crazy Good Girls will tell everyone what life will be like as long as their with you!  Gold jewelry, blue shirts, and pink shoes will start up this party after reading the banner!


12. Remember the movie Le Lo and Stitch?  Well mixing this famous saying in with your sorority will show the meaning of what a Bid with you means! Dressing with Hawaiian skirts and pink shirts and flowers will tie everything together!


13. Child hood classics are always the best Bid Day themes and Banners! Try using the little mermaid quotes, the Jungle Book, Finding Nemo, or any others that you can think of!


14. Don’t want to use a movie theme for your Bid Day? Try using popular song lyrics for your banners such as 99 problems! For this song you could wear black tees with the saying on the back, white bows, and jean shorts.


15.Who doesn’t like to win?! Cleaver way of mixing your sorority letters into a saying.  This banner would be perfectly matched with a red tee shirt with this on the front, black sunglasses and white converses!


16. Want to try something new and all your own for Bid Day? Try using a play on words. So ROAR ity is a fun way to grab attention and mix it with a lion theme!



17. With Cow girl boots on your feet and hats on your head all you’ll need is a catchy country song lyric mixed in with your sorority name for your Bid Day banner and shirts. 2fa7d9fa9544198702609980d8b7110a

18. Throwing it back to Greece the movie, You’re the one that we want, is the perfect Bid Day theme! Pink chevron pattern with black letters will grab everyone’s attention from the street.


19. Bid Day theme, Alice and Wonderland, has been very popular. There are so many cute quotes from the movie that you can put on your banner for Bid Day! For this one you could make tea cup hats, wear gold jewelry, blue shirts and red vans.


20. Sweets? Yum! The sweetest girls get the sweetest treats! So why not make your banner with some of your favorite deserts and show case the sweet life to your new Bids?!


21. Want a more traditional Bid Day theme? Baseball, a classic American sport fits the Bid Day theme perfectly! White converses, red shirts, blue jeans and white bows will bring life to your banner and your house.


22. Don’t sail off without your sisters! This them can be done in any two colors you want and would be easy to make with simple shapes building the boat and a bright colored background!


23. XOXO Gossip Girl, you know you love us. A simple black background and white writing with pink xoxo on it and a big lipstick mark will draw plenty of attention on Bid Day. Wear pink shirts, white shoes, and a lipstick mark on your cheek with black shorts.



For more ideas on posters, quotes, themes, outfits, and crafts for Bid Day check out Greek Streak Pinterest page!



How to Wear Your Red, White, and Blue

Fourth of July is right around the corner! Have you figured out how to wear your red, white, and blue yet? Here are some ideas of what to wear for your celebration!

1. Red, White, and Bows. Not matter where you’re going bows are always acceptable! Wear them with a white tee and some jean shorts, or even a cute white dress!




2. Heading to the beach to watch the fireworks this summer? Grab a white, red, and blue bikini and don’t forget am American flag for pictures with your sisters!

8a5873d4e7452ed2a2c25e5743cf9dbf IMG_0485 (1)



3. A classic look you can’t go wrong with, some jean shorts painted with the American flag. Mix them with a white top and a pair of  Vans. You can even make the jeans yourself with some paint!



4. If it’s a little colder where you are then why not grab some white jeans or yoga pants and an American flag hoodie to show your spirit?



5. Looking for a dressier look for the 4th? Find a print dress or some colored shorts and a light colored top with some gold jewelry.

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6. For a relaxed look, get a long sleeve tee from Greek Streak, some jean shorts, a pair of American flag Vans and head out to watch the sky light up.

309d15f10aa725d2b0f0d864f98491d0-1024x750 06a8a61d0530f8564de1a177cad32aa0




For more fun inspiration to get you ready for Forth of July check out our Pinterest page.


Craft Ideas for the Summer

If you and your sisters are having one of those boring summer days with nothing to do why not pass the time with some fun crafts for you or your sister? Here are a few ideas to help kick start your summer fun!

1. DIY Cocktail Gift

SomethingTurquoise-DIY-Mason-Jar-Cocktail-Gift-0002 SomethingTurquoise-DIY-Mason-Jar-Cocktail-Gift-0003

Want to surprise your little with a fun ready to go cocktail? These little gift sets are cute and easy to make and help you get the party started right! Try using Coke and Jack Daniels, Dr. Pepper and Fireball, Starbucks Double Espresso and Baileys, Red bull and Vodka, Sprite and Seven Crowns.




2. Recycled Tin Lanterns


What better way to light up the night then with a lantern for your back deck?! Paint the tins a fun color if you want something other then the rustic tin look.

Click Here For Directions >>  HowToMakeLantern 





3. DIY Wine Bottle and Glass Holder


Take it on the beach, to your sister’s house, on the lake, anywhere you want. Consider Painting the wood frame with a Lilly Pattern or your own design.

Click Here For Directions >> HowToWineHolder







4. DIY Painted L.L. Bean Totes


This is a great idea for your little or you! Paint your Sorority Letters and whatever design or saying you’d like and carry them with you everywhere you go.

Click Here For Ideas and Directions >> PaintedTotes





5. Lilly Painted Jug Coolers

tumblr_mkypfuPSFt1qkik3go1_1280Perfect gift for your little! Pick out your favorite Lilly pattern, a jug cooler, and some paint and get to work. There’s nothing better then Lilly all year round!





6. Liqueur Bottle Flower Holders

Patron Bottle Vase

What sister doesn’t love flowers and drinks? Find out your little’s favorite liqueur and grab an empty bottle of it. Tie a rope or a bow around the top and stick some flowers in it and there you have it, your own vase. You might even consider painting around the bottle or writing your letters and little’s name on the sides or under the label for a more personal touch.







7. T-Shirt Quilt


I’m sure you have plenty of old sorority shirts that you don’t wear anymore but can’t seem to throw away.  Well now you don’t need to! Make a quilt out of all your favorite shirts, its a great way to remember all the fun times you had and hold on to your shirts without having to have them sit in the bottom of your closet.

Click Here For Directions >> T-ShirtQuilt



Check out our Pinterest page for more fun craft ideas >> GreekStreak


Bid Day Themes

Bid Day is coming up! Which means it’s time to welcome your new sisters home with a great party!

Here are 10 Bid Day Theme Ideas to get you ready

1.   Tiffany & C.O.

By using Tiffany blue shirts, white pearls and bows and Tiffany blue or white converse you can create a stunning look for this theme.

8a7f92fea3962c0d9378c0d6f67e91c2 74e40aab30b30971244282761a430523

2. Alice in Wonderland

This crazy fun theme can be accomplished in several different ways. You could use any character you want! Such as the Mad Hatter by all wearing hats with green shirts and blue bows and gold jewelry or the cat by wearing purple tees  and gold jewelry, with yellow bandanas/headbands.



3. Draft Day for the NFL

This sporty theme works well with white shorts, NFL tanks using your sorority letters, and white convers.


4. Grease

Being the Pink Ladies is a fun way to throw back to another era. By using pink tops and black bottoms with scarfs around your neck or in your hair and black convers or heels you’ll have the perfect outfit for the day!



An American classic, you can never go wrong with! Grab some red and white baseball tees with your letters and add a white baseball cap, some cut up faded shorts, and white shoes and you’ll be ready for Bid Day!



6. The Price is Right

Grab some cute tight dresses, some sparkles and let your hair down and no one will doubt that this house is absolutely right.



7. Candy Land

Who doesn’t love Candy Land? This theme gives you lots of options on what to wear. You could go with red and white striped shirts or dresses, red vans, and white bows, or you could use a plum colored dress with white bows and a candy necklaces. Based on all the characters from this game there are so many different options for you to explore!


8.New Kids on the Block

This fun theme allows bright colors and fun outfits! Using a bright neon colored shirt with a different Neon colored hat some black shorts and neon colored shoes, maybe even some Ray Bans , no one will miss the house you’re in!



9. Friends

Tight mini skirts and crop tops with some white convers will bring you right into the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S!



10. Sailors

You can’t ever go wrong wearing Red, White, and Blue. Being a sailor with white tops, blue jeans, white shoes, pearls, and of course red bows will have you ready to jump on board!









Now that you have some ideas for Bid Day it’s time to make sure you get the perfect Tee-shirt for the theme of your choice at Greek Streak.

Mother’s Day Gifts and Quote Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up which means it’s time for you to craft a gift or buy one, either way you want to make sure that your gift comes from the heart and shows how much you appreciate and love your mother.

Here are some great Mother’s day gifts to DIY or buy for your mom.

90a67c5d89e48e7bb374772742f7baac 4e12346034f60d824600d6915e2ce7e6 c8cedf41d7f121fc05b067ff0988741d


>Handmade Gift Basket

>DIY Tile Photo Coasters

>Personalized Mugs

>Mason Jar Garden

>365 Reason Why I Love My Mom Jar

>Homemade Bubbling Bath Salts

>Cute Mother’s Day Breakfast Idea

>DIY Mom’s Survival Kit

>Mother’s Day Coupons

>Decorate A Picture Frame (For A Nice Family Photo)

>Convert Home VHS Tapes to DVDs

>Homemade Sugar Scrub


>Bouquet Of Flowers

>Matching Mother/Daughter bracelet

>DIY Candle

>Cake In A Jar

>DIY Magnets With Pictures Of The Family

>Write A Poem

>A Mother’s Day Plaque

>DIY Blanket

>DIY Phone Case Cover

>Jewelry Box

>Wine And Chocolates

>Hand Print Apron

>Anything Monogrammed

>Subscription Boxes

>Mother’s Day Flower Pot

>Decorative Pillow

Nothing goes better than inspirational quotes and mothers. Here are some cute Mother’s Day Sayings that would be perfect to add to your mother’s day gifts.

ee9c1ebc11156be04cab516511b0e9e6 94b98024e738f810e6f7bff24aa65e0c df38d220120f69a0b8bc95817da6a3c7

>”If I didn’t have you as a mom, I’d choose you as a friend.”

>”A child’s hand touches a mother’s heart.”

>”Mom, Thanks for loving, caring, sharing, knowing, and always listening and being there. We love you!”

>”Mom, Thanks for helping me grow. You are my sunshine.”

>”God can’t always be everywhere, That’s why he invented mothers.”

>”Successful mothers are not the ones that have struggled. They are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles.”

>”To the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the world.”

>”Good moms have sticky floors, messy kitchens, laundry piles, and happy kids.”

>”My mother, she is beautiful, softened at the edges, and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her.”

>”Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.”

>”I love that we don’t have to say out loud I’m your favorite child.”

>”A daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with, and love with all your heart.”

>”Home is where your mom is.”

At Greek Streak we have the perfect mother’s day t-shirts that will be available for group order for mother’ day! Keep checking out our website for the press collection with these awesome shirts.

Great Greek Houses

Greek Housing has been used since the start of fraternities and sororities on college campuses. Houses were built for members of the chapter to live, socialize, hold meetings, and study together. Not every school has Greek houses but there are many universities that have great Greek houses.

Here is a list of some of the most beautiful sorority houses on college campuses today:

>Kappa Kappa Gamma at University of Arkansas: “The house has previously undergone expansions and renovations, with the last one occurring (2 years ago).  Now, at 41,000 square feet, it’s got to be among the largest in the country, if not the largest.”


University of Arkansas








>Delta Gamma at University of Alabama: The most recent colonized chapter at UA


University of Alabama







>Delta Delta Delta University of Florida: 2003 Renovation of a completely new house. “It is the first Greek facility in the nation to utilize a fingerprint reader access control system, alleviating the issue of lost keys and cards. A remote direct digital control system helps manage the temperature, humidity and unit performance via the internet from anywhere in the world. ”

University of Florida

University of Florida








>Chi Omega at University of Missouri: “Estimated Cost of $4 million The house was open just in time to celebrate the Rho Alpha chapter’s 100th birthday. Features will include underground parking, an elevator and more community spaces.”

University of Missouri

University of Missouri








>Kappa Delta Mississippi State University: “This beautiful Kappa Delta house is located in Starkville, Mississippi and allows sisters to enjoy the comforts of home while creating a unique bond that lasts a lifetime.  Established on campus in 1971 this chapter raised over $52,000 for their philanthropy in 2012. The large sorority house provides a space for these women to hangout and enjoy their sisterhood.”

Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University







>Kappa Alpha Theta Oklahoma State University: The house has a computer room with DSL, wireless Internet capabilities throughout the house, copy machine, scanner, Netflix, printers and fax.”

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University







>Phi Mu University of Alabama: “This elegant house is home to the Alpha Zeta chapter of Phi Mu. Located in Tuscaloosa, AL this house sleeps up to 44 women and gives the chapter a space to eat, and hangout with sisters.”

The University of Alabama

University of Alabama







>Zeta Tau Alpha High Point University: One of nine sororities at High Point. All of the houses at this university are amazing.

High Point University

High Point University








Check out our Pinterest page more beautiful Great Greek Houses!