Tips For Relieving Stress

It is inevitable that every college student will feel stressed out at one point or another. We are constantly trying to focus on our grades, participate in sorority functions, and get to work on time. Learning how to de-stress is essential so that you can focus on more important things that you want to accomplish. If you’re feeling stressed, I recommend trying one of the activities bellow. Find one that works best for you!


>Listen to Music: Playing some relaxing music is always a quick and easy way to relieve stress. Listening to calming music has a positive effect on your body and your brain. Try listening to some classical music or nature sounds. Even if you only have a minute or so, put on your headphones and try to relax.

>Talk to a friend: Your friends are your friends for a reason; they support you and make you smile! If you start feeling overwhelmed from a stressful situation, phone a friend or a sorority sister. Getting your worries off your chest can help you feel better. Your friends may even help you to look at the situation in a new light.

>Eat Right: Even though that fried chicken may taste delicious, try and opt out for some fresh fruit. Eating healthy and stress levels are closely related. Make sure you are eating properly. If your sisters are eating healthy, it will be even easier for you to make the right food choices.

>Exercise: Exercise is a well-known tool for relieving stress. Endorphins, which help improve your mood, are released every time you get your body moving. Choose a type of exercise that you enjoying doing. You don’t need to try and train for a triathlon. Walking around the block or stretching at your desk will get you feeling better almost instantaneously. Grab a pledge sister and hit up the gym!

>Get Creative: Who knew that crafting can help reduce stress? Crafting will help take your mind off whatever is causing you to get stressed out. Try painting a canvas for your little or begin crafting a cooler for your formal date. Keep clam and craft on!

>Take a Bath: Relive your childhood and de-stress by taking a bath. Turn on the hot water, place some candles around the room, and grab your favorite book. Turn your phone of to help create a peaceful atmosphere. The text is not that important; your sisters can wait!

>Get More Sleep: A lack of sleep is a main cause of stress. Try your hardest to get the recommended eight hours of sleep. You will feel so much better when you wake up in the morning. Work to manage your time so that you don’t get stuck writing a paper at ten o’clock at night.

>Schedule “Worry Time”: This may sound silly but it will definitely help you feel a lot better throughout the day. Try to set aside two 5-minute time slots sometime during your day. During this time, allow yourself to worry about anything that is bothering you. After the 5 minutes is up, stop. By limiting the times you can worry throughout the day, you can focus on what you need to accomplish.

>Play with Puppies: Saving the best for last, playing with puppies can help you relieve stress. Puppies are cute and will surely put a smile on your face. Universities around the nation are starting to get dogs on campus during finals week. Playing with puppies will give you a moment to get your mind off of whatever is stressing you out.

The Great Greek Spotlight- Luke Bryan


This Great Greek Spotlight stars popular country artist, Luke Bryan.

Growing up in Leesburg, Georgia, Luke was always interested in music. At the age of 14, his parents bought him his first guitar. It wasn’t long before Luke became a hit in his local community. When he was in high school, he started a band where he sang and preformed his own lyrics.

After graduation, Luke was ready to pursue his musical dreams and prepared to move to Nashville, Tennessee. Unfortunately, before he was about to start on the road to success, tragedy struck the Bryan family. Luke’s older brother, Chris, was killed in a car accident. Deciding to stay close to his family, he put his dreams on hold and attended Georgia Southern University. At Georgia Southern, Luke joined Sigma Chi. With the support of his brothers, he was able to get through this devastating time. After college, Luke’s dad encouraged him to move to Nashville to pursue his dreams.

In the fall of 2001, Bryan landed a songwriting contract after moving to Tennessee. When he wasn’t songwriting, he performed his own music in local bars and clubs. Lucky for Luke, a rep from Capitol Records saw him perform. Later that week Bryan was signed to the label. In the summer of 2007, Luke’s first major record was released, I’ll Stay Me. A year later he produced another hit, Doin’ My Thing. He continued releasing hit after hit until tragedy struck his life once again. In 2007, Luke’s sister Kelly passed away, the cause unknown.

Using his passion for music to get through the hard time, Luke later released his album, Tailgates and Tanlines, which includes popular songs “I Don’t Want This Night to End” and “Drunk on You”. In 2013, he released a No. 1 hit, Spring Break..Here to party.

Luke continued on the path to success when later that year, he won the Academy of Country Music’s Entertainer of the Year award. He continued releasing more hits, three of which all made their way to No. 1 on country and pop charts.

Today, Luke performs across the nation. His songs can be heard at football tailgates, date parties, and chapter meetings! He is famous among the Panhellenic community for his hit song “Sorority Girl”.


Sorority Panhellenic President & council Interview, Episode I.


My name is Harvis Kramer. I am the CEO of Greek Streak & GreekYearbook. People often ask me where I learned to be a leader.

I learned what it meant to be a leader when I was President of a 120 person Fraternity at the University of Maryland.  I loved being President and found it to be not only extremely challenging, but also extremely rewarding. It taught me a great deal about leading by example and about getting people focused on the bigger picture rather than the little things. It was truly a life-changing experience.

Thinking about my own experience, I recently reached out to dozens of sorority & PHC Presidents.  I wanted to hear their thoughts on what it means to be a leader & other hot topics of the Greek community.

A special thank you to Chelsea for doing this interview!

Thank you,

Harvis Kramer

512_NPL_Header_CallingCards_Harvis3_GREEK =============================================================================

Being the President (and/or council member) of the Panhellenic Council is a big task!  You are the leader of all of the sorority leaders in your Greek community! Here is a look at behind the curtains to see their thoughts and what it all means to them:

Sorority Panhellenic President & council Interview, Episode I:

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 1.13.53 PM
School: University of Kentucky
Who: Chelsea St. Claire, PHC President
# of sororities: 13



Harvis:  What does it mean to be a Panhellenic President, what would be your job description if you had one?

Chelsea:  It means being a resource for all of the Greek women on campus. I want to make sure these women have the best experience possible so that the community will continue to grow.

Harvis:  Do you have a mentor in the Greek system (a sorority sister, Greek life advisor, Executive Director of nationals, predecessor, etc.)?  If so, why that person?

Chelsea:  My advisor, Susan West, is so helpful and encouraging when going through anything. She always has the right answer and when she doesn’t she knows where to find it, plus she always has my back no matter what the situation. The support I receive from her lets me know that I’m doing alright and everything is under control.

Harvis:   If you were to write in a time capsule (today) what would you tell yourself 10 years from now (in terms of your experience as a PHC leader)?

Chelsea:  Don’t be so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Harvis:  What do you think you have learned (or will learn) as a leader of the Panhellenic council that will help you in your future career?

Chelsea:  I’ve learned many skills that will help me as I move forward like working with difficult personalities, delegating specific tasks to those I know would excel at them and fostering an environment that is safe and positive to let leaders and ideas grow. I have learned so much in this leadership position and I continue to learn every day.

Harvis:   If you could change one thing about the perception of Greek life (by non-Greek members) what would it be?

animal house

Chelsea:  The negative stereotypes and perceptions that are projected on Greek life really upset me, and then when something bad does happen and reinforces those beliefs the media jumps on it and runs wild with the story (talking to you, Rolling Stones Magazine). So I would change the media perception about us, we do so many good things like coming together to raise money for the same cause whether nationally or locally and serving our community through local service projects, so it always upsets me when I see the continuous media outpour of negative stereotypes when we are doing so much to help our communities and beyond.

Harvis:   If anyone is considering being a PHC President (after you of course J), what advice would you give them?

Chelsea:  I would tell them that it’s hard work but extremely rewarding. You meet so many people, gain so many new perspectives and the opportunities in front of you are endless so don’t take any of them for granted. But also don’t forget what the position is about, keep moving forward because staying stagnant will only hurt our organizations.

Harvis:   Do you communicate with other PHC Presidents from other schools?  If so, how do you help one another?

Chelsea:   Yes! I recently met the Alabama and Ole Miss Panhellenic Presidents and we have talked here and there about different ideas we have about things for recruitment or even just programming events we put on. I love hearing what other people are doing and then figuring out how we could implement it on our campus. There is so much to learn and I, by no means, know it all.

Harvis:   What are some of your favorite fundraising ideas you have seen some of the sororities do?

Chelsea:  My favorite philanthropy events are ones where I get to see singing and dancing. There are two very different approaches to these events, the first is taking months to prepare and practicing until it’s perfect and the second is getting a general idea of the dance and just going up there to perform. My favorite is the latter. It’s always hilarious when your friends get up on stage and just dance around because they don’t know exactly what they’re doing and to me it just shows the brotherhood or sisterhood of the organization because they trust each other to go up there and just make fools of themselves together. Having fun with it and being you is great bonding so I’m always happy to see it happen.


(pictured above the PHC council members of the University of Kentucky)

Harvis:  If your PHC had an unlimited budget we would….

Chelsea:  Host a big concert to get everyone together because coming together and being a community is what it’s all about. Plus Beyonce is great live.

Harvis:  What are some community service activities your PHC and/or sororities participates in?

Chelsea:  Each sorority provides their own service projects to their members but as a Panhellenic we also provide opportunities to all members of the Greek community. Our Panhellenic has sponsored Habitat for Humanity for the past couple of years, not only raising the $40,000 it takes to pay for a house but also going out every weekend to physically build it.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  If you are interested in being interviewed for a future article, please email us at

Want to know a little bit more about the valuable lessons that I learned as a Fraternity President and how I became the CEO of Greek Streak and GreekYearbook? Find out below:

Being a leader of a fraternity lead to many great things in my life.  In fact, it lead to my first job (here) at GreekYearbook! While I was President of my chapter we hired GreekYearbook to photograph events.  After graduating, the Founder of GreekYearbook approached me about coming on as the first full-time employee of GreekYearbook.  GreekYearbook was very small at the time, but I took a chance and became a sales associate.  I turned down other big job offers because I believed in the brand.  My parents thought I was crazy! How could I graduate from college and then go work for a small fraternity & sorority photography company, making very little money?!

There were some tough times at first.  There were weeks where we struggled and couldn’t afford to pay ourselves.  I never gave up and continued to believe in what we were doing.  I traveled the country to hundreds of schools shooting events for GreekYearbook.  I worked my way up from Sales Associate to eventually President in five years.

Fast forward 13 years later and our company now owns and operates 4 different brands (including Greek Streak and GreekYearbook).  I help oversee all four companies.  We employ over 200 full time employees and have two manufacturing facilities in Maryland.  GreekYearbook (founded in 1999) is the leading photo provider for fraternities and sororities.  We photograph bid days and composites. Greek Streak (founded in 2011) is the fastest growing custom fraternity & sorority apparel company in the world.  We design Spirit Football Jerseys, t-shirts, tank tops, and more!   To say the least, I am very proud of the success of all the companies. I love that we employ so many people and have been able to grow everyone year after year.  If I had not followed my gut, I would not be where I am today!

Blue and Black or Gold and White Dress

Blue and Black or Gold and White Dress? The question that launched a million arguments and still has us wondering who is right and if we’re all going a little bit crazy! Color is a very important concept for all of us at Greek Streak! When our graphic artists are creating your dream designs, they want to make sure that they select the perfect colors for your custom apparel. Luckily Greek Streak offers tons of sorority apparel and ink options, including blue, black, white, and gold!

The Greek Streak Team loves….
Customer Happiness and Design Guru Nico: Neon Orange – I wear it a lot!
Graphic Artist Sarah: Monochromatic colors!
Lead Graphic Artist Melissa: Black is my favorite color to wear! It’s a classic.
Lead Fashion Consultant Jaime: Bordeaux – like Wine.
Brand Identity Developer Siobhan: Somewhere between Seafoam and Kelly green.
Greek Streak Intern Nicole: Heather Gray- It’s a comfort color and it’s easy to match with!


Positive PR

Every chapter on campus wants to have a positive reputation. One way to promote your sorority’s positive image is by knowing how to market your chapter! Using positive PR is becoming more and more popular among sororities across the nation. There are two different ways for your chapter to market themselves to the public: in-person and online. Let’s first take a look at chapter marketing in-person.

There are so many different ways to positively present your chapter on campus in a real life setting. You can hold your own event or be a part of another organization’s event; the possibilities are endless. Below is a list of some clever ways to market your chapter in-person.

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>Be an orientation leader during your college’s freshman orientation week. This will allow you to meet potential new members. While explaining how to get involved on campus, you can explain the benefits of joining Greek life. By being in orientation leader, you are conveying to freshman that your chapter helps to shape leaders that enjoy being a apart of different organizations all around campus.

>Volunteer to help with Move in Day. This is a great way to promote your chapter not only to new freshman, but to their parents! Making a great first impression is the key to success.

>Have a table at your campus’s Meet the Greeks event. This give you a chance to allow students to get a quick glance into what your chapter is all about. Use bright colors and elegant decorations to make your table stand out from the rest. Always make sure that you are greeting students who walk by your table.

>Host a “give away” table on campus several times a year. Some ideas include giving out hot chocolate at the beginning of the semester with cups that say “Warm up to the semester with Phi Mu” or giving out pens with cards that say “The sisters of Tri Delta wish you an “ink”credible holidays.” What college student doesn’t enjoy getting free stuff?

>Wear your letters Wednesday. Encouraging chapter members to wear their sorority letters every Wednesday is a great way to represent your chapter all around campus. Pair them with a cute pair of jeans and boots for the winter or wear them in the spring with shorts and sandals.

> Host bake sale on campus. This is a great way to make students aware of your sorority while also raising money for your philanthropy. Make sure to have a bake sale during finals week when everyone is craving a pick me up after spending countless hours in the library.

>Hold an open house. This gives students a chance to get to know sisters in the chapter. Make sure to advertise when it will be so you can maximize attendance. Target your audience by hanging banners and hanging out flyers.

>Support other fraternity and sorority events. Show up with smiles and make sure to be friendly. It is important to foster good relationships with other chapters on campus.


Now that we have covered in-person marketing, let’s explore how to positively represent your sorority online. To start, it is important that your chapter is present on social media. Social media has grown so much over the past few years, almost every college student as access to it. Make sure you create a Facebook page and Twitter handle for your sorority. Here are some ideas on how to utilize the online world to your chapter’s benefit.

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>Make a chapter website. It is important to update this annually with information on your philanthropy, chapter members, sisterhood, and recruitment dates. If people need to find out information on your chapter, they will turn to your sorority’s website first.

>Have your chapter listed on the u

>Constantly update your chapter Facebook page. People check Facebook every day. It is important that your sorority is continually adding new photos and status informing viewers what the chapter is up to. Make sure to put an emphasis on positive ways your chapter is helping campus and the community in order to raise your reputation.niversity website and on the Panhellenic Council


Website. This way other chapters on campus can learn about your

organization and get directed to your social media sights.

>Create a Chapter Tumblr and Instagram. Pictures can relay a lot of information about your chapter. By adding these to your social media mix, you can reach a larger audience and captivate your target. Make sure to use hash tags, locations, and creative captions to keep viewers interested in your content.

>Maintain an email database. Categorize the database by alumnae, potential new members, current members, and other chapters/organizations on campus. This will help the sorority stay organized while relaying chapter information to others.

> Create an electronic newsletter for your chapter. There are several different websites that can help your create a creative newsletter. Make sure to include what your chapter has been up to. Add pictures and member spotlights to make it an interesting read!


Individually, YOU can impact your chapter’s image. Here are some Do’s and Don’t’s to keep in mind when representing your sorority.

>DO post pictures of you and your sisters hanging out and being active in the community.

>DON’T use vulgar language on social media.

>DO post pictures of you at an organized event with other chapters on campus.

>DON’T post pictures if you can be identified as being under the influence

>DO wear your letters proudly on campus

>DO be friendly with other sororities and fraternities on campus, even if your chapter does not know them well.

>Do post tasteful pictures of you and your sisters going out and about.

>DON’T be rude to other chapters on campus.

> DO encourage other sisters to get involved in different clubs/organizations on campus

Remember, you are always wearing your letters!


Spring Break 2015

Spring Break 2015 is approaching depending on what school you go to. It is important that you make plans in advance beforehand so you don’t have to worry once you get to your destination. The headcount is the most important. You and your friends need to be set on where you want to go and where you will be staying and how you get down your spring break spot. For spring break, more the merrier, because renting a house, condo, or hotel will be a lot more affordable for everyone’s college budget. A budget should also be set before you spring break to allow yourself to spend the amount that you know you can. Destination spring breaks can get pricey if you decided to eat out and go out often, so a budget can come in handy. Pre-spring break planning will leave you less stressed out if you are the one organizing the trip for you and your friends. As well a group preparation, personal preparation is important too!

>If you are going to a place for spring break that will be warm then you’ll probably be wearing a bikini the whole time you are there. Pinterest has good amount of spring break workouts that will help you tone up for that bathing suit. You can also find some healthy recipes for eating before your trip so you don’t feel guilty during break.

>Road trips are a great way to save money as a college student to get to your destination. If you are driving making a playlist is super important! Driving anywhere from 3-9 hours can get very boring especially if you don’t play music. A playlist will keep you awake while driving and it will get you excited for spring break. Also pack lots of snacks! It will keep you from making stops and on the road longer if you make sure everyone in the car is satisfied (there is no time to waste!).

>Packing can be very annoying when you go on a trip. Checking out the weather for your trip is a great way to get an idea of what kind of clothes to pack. You don’t want to be stuck with only flip-flops and shorts when the weather ends up being rainy and cold all week. You might not have a washer and dryer for the week, so being prepared with enough clothes is important. Try not to over pack. Make sure you bring clothes and shoes you will actually wear.  Also, Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen! Getting a bad sunburn is the worst way to ruin your spring break fun. Bring a hat if you are going to the beach. A hat will prevent you from getting scalp burn(which can be very painful) when you are not tanning. A cute spring break football spirit jersey or a long sleeve fishing shirt would be the perfect cover up.

548e99c5815dff3bb5b8a1079432533e 2ebdaf9a5760f1cacc8d344022a92359

Planning for Spring Break 2015 can be stressful and time consuming but it will be worth it where ever you plan on going! Check out Pinterest board Spring Break for other ideas for planning your spring break, as well as must have packing items, and destinations.

Fun and Fabulous Philanthropy Events

Every sorority has a philanthropy that they hold close to their hearts and make huge efforts to fund raise for. Fundraisers can be held every semester or annually, either way they are an amazing tradition for sorority chapter members to get involved in. Hosting a new fundraiser is a great idea to help keep your own members interested, along with attracting other Greeks on campus. Getting the entire campus involved will increase participation and motivate everyone to get connected to your specific philanthropy!

Our 2015 Lion King

Our 2014-2015 Lion King

As a member of the Phi Theta chapter of Phi Mu at Towson University, I have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of philanthropic events. Every fall, my chapter holds an event called Phi Mu’s Lion King. Before the event, we encourage men from all the different fraternities on campus to compete in our lion King competition. During the event, the men compete against one another for the title of Phi Mu’s Lion King. There are three different parts of the competition: Fraternity wear, talent, and question/answer section. The event is always a blast. Boys from all different fraternities come to the event to cheer on their brothers.

In the spring we have an event called Frats @ Bat. All the fraternities on campus are entered into a baseball tournament. The different fraternities play against each other until one team is crowned the winner. Many other sororities on campus come out to the event to watch the men play against one another. To enter both our Lion King competition and baseball tournament, the fraternities need to pay a registration fee. All the money raised from both events goes towards our philanthropy, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Being a part of the Greek community at Towson, I have been able to attend other sorority philanthropic events on campus. Freshman year, I participated in a wing eating contest to help raise money for Alpha Phi’s Philanthropy. I have also been to several of the sororities sweetheart searches including Alpha Omicron Pi’s Pi Guy, Kappa Delta’s Lucky Charm, and Phi Sigma Sigma’s Pharaoh.

There are numerous types of fundraisers that your sorority can pick and choose from. When deciding what type of fundraiser to organize, think about what your sisters, alumnae, and other campus Greeks will be interested in and enjoy attending.

Here is a list of events your sorority can organize to raise money for your philanthropy. Remember, it’s always important to think of a clever and fun name for your event.

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• Pie in the Face: Pie a Pi Phi
• Fraternity Bachelor Auction: Phi Mu’s Blind Date
• Shopping Night at a Favorite Dress Boutique
• Carnival/Festival for Kids: Kappa Deltas Karnival
• Sweetheart Search Contest: Phi Mu’s Lion king, Kappa Delta’s Lucky Charm
• Dance Marathon
• Rocking-Chair-A-Thon
• Air Band Competition
• Lipsync Competition: Karaoke with Phi Sigma Sigma
• Trivia Contest: Are you smarter than a Chi Omega?
• Kissing Booth: Zeta Tau Alpha’s Kiss Away Cancer Event
• Battle of the Bands: Phi Mu’s Bonnamu
• Pumpkin Carving Contest
• Penny Wars
• Pancake Breakfast: Delta Zeta’s Pajamas and Pancakes
• Lemonade Stand: Zeta Tau Alpha’s Think Pink Lemonade Stand
• Taco Bar: Phi Mu Phiesta
• Spaghetti Dinner
• Tailgate BBQ
• Crawfish Boil
• Pizza Party
• Bake Sale
• Build Your Own Sundae: Kappa Kappa Gamma’s Sundae Funday event
• Smoothie Stand
• Watermelon Eating Contest
• Yogurt Eating Contest
• Chocoholics Festival
• Chili Cook Off
• Formal Dinner: Alpha Phi’s Red Dress Gala
• Snow Cone Booth
• Cupcake Sale
• Eat for a Cause
• Coffee and Hot chocolate sale: Kappa Kappa Gamma’s Kappachino
• Dodgeball Tournament
• Baseball Tournament: Chi Omega’s Frats @ Bat, Zeta Tau Alpha’s Batting Out Breast Cancer
• Golf Tournament
• Tug of War Tournament: Delta Zeta’s Turtle Tug
• Basketball Tournament
• Flag Football Game
• Powder Puff Football Game
• Swimming Pool Competitions: Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash
• Soccer Tournament
• Cheer leading Competition
• Relay Races
• Walks and Runs: Alpha Delta Pi’s Diamond Dash
• Manicure Table
• Candy-gram/Flower-gram/Balloon-gram Deliveries on Campus
• Flower Sales for Valentine’s Day
• Gift Basket Auction
• Guess How Many ___ in the Jar – M&Ms, jelly beans, peanuts.
• Tee Shirt Sales




Enjoy (Fun)draising!

Hannah Ticho|Vice President of Chapter Development
Phi Mu, Phi Theta at Towson University
Intern|Greek Streak

Coming Soon: 100 New Spirit Football Jersey Designs

We are very excited to announce that we are adding 100 new Spirit Football Jersey designs to our individual store within the next 2 weeks! These fun and exciting designs will include a variety of text patterns and colors. Not only will we be adding more Greek designs, but new designs include states, sports, and more.  Sign up on the Wish List to be the first to be notified when the new designs are up!

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Style Guide: Spirit Football Jerseys

Spirit football jerseys are the essential items for your year round closet. No matter what the season, the spirit football jersey is always the answer. This style guide will show you how to fit wearing your spirit football jerseys anytime of the year. 


>In the fall your spirit football jerseys are your best friends. They are enough to keep you warm without needing a jacket but if it gets a little too cold in the fall you can pair it with a cute monogrammed vest and riding boots. It is also great to lounge in spirit jersey with a pair of leggings or yoga pants when you have a night in.


>When winter comes around you will still be holding onto your spirit football jerseys as you pull out your winter coat. Even though you don’t want to get out of bed, you still have to bundle up. Wear your spirit football jersey with a wool scarf, bean boots, and a pair of leg warmers so the weather doesn’t make you miserable!


> Spring time the weather might be getting a little bit warmer but it is still pretty cold and rainy. When walking to class you can throw on your spirit football jersey with a raincoat and a pair of rain boots. Or when it is not raining, you can wear boyfriend jeans and Sperry’s with your jersey.


>When you think of summer the last thing you think about is long sleeves, but your spirit football jersey makes the perfect bathing suit cover up at the beach! They are also perfect for the breezy summer nights were you can pair them with norts (nike shorts), running shoes, or sandals.

Big Little Week Ideas

There is only one thing better than getting a bid and that is getting a big. For a new member big/little week is the most flattering week that leads up to big/little reveal. Showering your little or twins will make them feel special and welcomed into the chapter!

>Big little week is all about the crafts! Some crafts that every little need includes a badge box, canvas with a big little quote, and wooden letters that she can hang in her dorm.

>Give her a pair of stitched letters. Whether they are your house letters, family letters, or one of your old pair of letters, they are the perfect gift to make her feel apart of the sorority.

>Trash or decorate her dorm room. Fill her room with balloons, confetti, streamers, and posters to show how much you love her already.

>A great idea is to get matching big little shirts for reveal. You could also get together with your friends and make a group order of shirts for reveal.

Being a big is the most rewarding experience that you gain when you join a sorority. Make sure to teach your little all of that and more about being in your sorority to make her love it just as much as you do.