Stress Less!

With the fall semester just around the corner, you may be getting stressed just thinking about all the work you’ll be getting. But don’t worry ’cause we’re here to give you some tips on how to stress less!


Organize your life -

Yes, organize everything. Your apartment, the fridge, your closet, the random stuff under your bed. Once you start to declutter all the physical things, your mind will do the same. It’s such a relief when you don’t have to worry about that messy room and you can actually start focusing on the real stuff! So take a weekend and completely clean and organize your life. I promise it’ll make you feel so much better.

Breathe -

seriously. do it. take a deep breath. count to ten.

Take a nap -

I know that if you’re stressed you probably have a lot on your plate. And this may not be the most proactive tip. BUT, if you have the time and things are just getting too overwhelming- take a nap. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the world when you wake up. Sometimes a blanket and a soft pillow is all we need!


Namaste -

Go for a long, quite walk by yourself. Take a yoga class (hot yoga is the best!). Dance it out. Go to the gym.

If you just feel so overwhelmed with everything, take a minute and remember you’re only human- it’s okay to not have it together every minute of every day. No deadline or assignment is worth sacrificing your happiness :)


If you haven’t taken a trip to the beach yet, I highly recommend planning a trip! Summer isn’t complete without a relaxing day by the water with your friends and family. It doesn’t have to be a week long vacation, or even over a full weekend. Depending on where you live, you might be able to take a day trip to your closest beach! But before you leave the house, make sure you have the essentials:

Sunscreen – Be kind to your skin. Apply at least 30 spf all over. Also try a face moisturizer with spf in it so your pores don’t get clogged! Getting burnt isn’t cute and it leaves lasting damage for years to come.

floppy hat

Floppy hat – Ok, it doesn’t have to be a floppy hat but they’re just so cute. And they protect your face from that harsh sun! ALSO, you may want something to cover up your hair once you get out of that salty water. A baseball hat will work too :)

Swim Suit – yup.

Change of clothes – Don’t forget to pack an extra pair of clothes for the ride home and dinner!

Cooler – For all your snacks and drinks. Don’t forget the coozies!

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Get Your Streak On!

Choosing Your Home

Rushing can be very scary and exciting all at the same time. You just graduated high school, committed to your favorite school, and now it’s time to pack up and move out. And on top of all that, you’re rushing a sorority and need to make a big decision! It’s a very overwhelming time but don’t worry because everyone is in the same boat as you. Deciding on a sorority can be difficult for some so here are a few tips if you’re feeling stuck -

Don’t follow your friends: I know this sounds weird but don’t pick a sorority just because all your friends are rushing it. I guarantee you will hear this a million times while going through rush. Even though you and your BFF may have a bunch of things in common, there will be a few things that separate you two and one of you will end up hating your decision. So just focus on where YOU think you’ll be the happiest. And don’t worry about not being close with your friends if you decide on going different ways. Some of my best friends are in other sororities!


Similar Interests: Over the entire recruitment process, you will meet so many girls and talk to them for hours. So pay close attention to those conversations and who you feel most comfortable around. You will start to notice the sororities that you have the most in common with and you’ll be excited to go back to them- these should be at the top of your list.

Philanthropy: Each sorority has a philanthropy that they are passionate for. If you are deciding between sororities, look at their philanthropies. If you can’t see yourself being passionate about that philanthropy then don’t pick them. You’re entire chapter revolves around this charity so make sure you care about it!

In the end, each sorority knows what girls they are looking for. So if you don’t get a bid from your top sorority, don’t take it personally. It’s not because they don’t like you, it’s because they know you fit better in another sorority and will be happier there!

Make sure to check out our recruitment board on Pinterest!

Moving In the Fall

The Fall semester is about to start and it is never too early to prepare! One of the most annoying things about starting a new semester after the summer is moving into a new place. Whether you’re moving out of the dorms, or moving to a different apartment, it is one of the most dreaded tasks for anyone. Here are a few tips to make the moving process as painless as possible!

MovingLittleMisstoCollege 1. Organize- organize anything and everything. From your clothes to your bathroom, organization is key. This will make the unpacking process a breeze and you will be able to fit more items into your car and make less trips.

2. Get Help- ask friends and family to help you in the moving process. You can do all of the tedious organizing, but they can lend a hand and a car to make it a less grueling process on yourself! Everything will be more fun and less stressful if you have a few helping hands!

3. Have Fun- make a playlist and blast some music! Go into moving with an open mind and take any help you can get. (Maybe even bribe your friends with some cute new t-shirts!) Make this a bonding experience with your friends and family and enjoy yourself!

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Get Your Streak On!

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Senior Year!

I am about to head into my senior year of college and last year of being in my sorority this coming fall. I wanted to pass on some advice to current sophomore’s and junior’s who are about to start school as well! I have learned many things the past three years at school and my sorority has taught me a lot. I honestly wish I could turn back time and start over my freshman year because I have had the most amazing three years at school!

One thing that I have learned in college is that this time is going to be the most freedom you have in your life! You are on your own schedule, excluding classes, and your only responsibility is to yourself. So take the time to go on road trips with friends, splurge a little extra on yourself, and take in every moment possible! I can still remember my first away football game like it was yesterday and it’s memories like those that you will cherish!

Christinas-UT-sorority-Quilt-2 Another thing that some people forget is that you joined your sorority for a reason. Realize that the new sisters you have gained are actually family. You all may fight sometimes over petty things but just know that they have given you a home away from home and you can only hope to do the same for the new girls that are going to join!

Lastly, buy every single t-shirt your sorority has to offer! And I am honestly not just saying that because I am working for a greek t-shirt company! These t-shirts capture memories for you: whether it’s a date party, philanthropy event, or mixer with a fraternity. They are the BEST way to remember your college years. After you graduate and you decide you don’t have the room to keep all the t-shirts you have collected, make a t-shirt quilt! Take all the designs and make an amazing quilt that will embody your college years! Make sure that all of your shirts are custom and something that you will be proud to show off!

Take a look at our Letter Love pinterest board to brain storm some new idea’s on how to incorporate your letters into your every day life!

DIY Summer Crafts

Do-it-yourself projects are fun, easy and cheap! Take advantage of your free time this summer and make some crafts for your apartment or to give to your little! Here are some of our favorite DIY projects -


Wall Letters: You can buy your sorority’s letters from Michael’s or Jo-Anne fabrics. They have all different sizes so you can decide based on where you plan on hanging them. You can either paint them all one color or get a little more creative with different designs. My favorite are the american flag letters and the pearl letters!

American Flag – Place star stickers on the first letter and duct tape in stripe formation on the others. Paint them blue and red and take off the stickers/tape once they dry to get the American flag look!
Pearls – Paint letters black and place pearls all over. (Buy a lot of sticky pearls)


Mason Jars: There are so many crafts you can do with mason jars. Whether you make them into cups, candles holders, or flower pots. We love mason jars!
- Mix Elmer’s glue, water, and your favorite glitter. Paint the inside of a mason jar and let dry. Put a candle in it!

Chalk Paint: Use chalk paint on whatever you want! Dip the ends of a wine glass in it or paint the back-splash of your kitchen with it. The possibilities are endless!


Coasters: Buy ceramic coasters and craft felt. Pick a design to put on top of the coasters. Attach the felt to the bottom of the coasters. Cut the design to fit the coasters and ModPodge over the whole thing. Easy as that!

Check out our DIY Pinterst board for some more craft projects and inspiration! :)

Conversation Topics For Recruitment!

Fall Recruitment is right around the corner! Whether this is your first year or your last, it might be difficult to start and hold conversations with potential new members. Since you are the active member, it is your job to keep the conversation flowing and interesting! Here are some good conversation starters and ice breakers that you can use this year during recruitment!

304548_10151009894994436_404863588_n_zps390c45ce One thing that a PNM is going to be asked about 100 times is what they did this summer. Try and twist the question and ask what was her favorite thing she did this summer. Or ask her where she went to get so tan. Keep this part of the conversation short and transition something she did into a totally different topic!

Ask them how they are feeling about the upcoming school year. Let them get off of their chests their worries and take the time to comfort them and letting them know that they are about to start the best year of college! This will show her that you care and will let her realize that you could potentially be someone she looks up to in the future! (potential little maybe!)

Find a common interest between the two of you and try to talk about that for a while. This will stick out to her when she is deciding between houses. More than likely all the houses will blend together and you want to have your house stand out to her! Find what really sparks her interest and keep that conversation flowing!

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Road Trip!

There’s nothing better than a good road trip with some of your friends! Pick a place and good playlist and get on your way. Here are a few ideas and tips to start planning:

Destination – Even though the car ride is sometimes the best part, you need somewhere to go! Pick a place that’s relatively close (2-6 hours away). Otherwise everyone will start to get a bit antsy! It could be the beach, a lake, an amusement park, anywhere! It could be a day trip or you could stay a few nights. If you plan on being there a while, make sure you figure out where you’re going to stay in advance.


Apps – There are a few essential apps that you should have downloaded before you get in the car.

1. GPS- so you know where you’re going!
2. Point of interest app – These will point out some cool attractions along the way that you may not have known about like parks and historical sites. Try out the “Field Trip” or the “Roadtrippers” apps.
3. Logistics app – This is for gas stations, places to sleep, places to eat, ect. Check out “Roadninja” and “Gasbuddy”.

Snacks – Even though you’ll probably be stopping for food, it’s nice to have some healthy snacks to munch on. It’ll hold everyone over until you agree on a place to eat! Pack a cooler with fruits, granola bars, and water.

Music! – This may be the most important part of the road trip. You want to make a good and long playlist that will keep everyone’s spirits up the whole ride. Pick some upbeat, catchy songs that all your friends can jam out to! And if you’re making a playlist through iTunes, it adds up all the songs time so you know exactly how long the playlist will last :)

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