DIY: Bring New Life to Your Old Greek Tees

Maybe you spilled some coffee on your favorite Greek tee walking to your 8am. Maybe you set the dryer a little too hot and wound up with a baby size Bid Day tee. Or maybe you just want to give your old sorority shirts from that Philanthropy event freshman year and your first mixer some fresh new style.

No matter what happened, we’ve gotcha covered when it comes to revamping your old Greek apparel! There are so many ways to upcycle those old tees! Here are a couple of our faves:

DIY Macrame Tank

Step 1: Trim off the entire hem of the tank top so that you have a raw bottom hem.

Step 2: Measure the length that you want the fringe to go up to. Measure across and determine how wide you want to cut your strips. Make sure that there is an even number of strips so that each one will have a partner to be knotted with.

Step 3: Cut your strips carefully and right up to the line that you drew.

Step 4: Tie your knots. Hold the right strand taut and take the left strand and loop it through itself. Do the same thing twice and you get a neat little knot.Do the same with every single strand by pairing them up with the neighboring strand.

Step 5: Get creative and criss-cross the strands in different repeated patterns and continue knotting more and more rows. When you’ve almost reach the end, you can just trim off any excess strands, as the knotting will have made some into uneven lengths. Voila!

photo and instructions from: Chictopia

DIY T-Shirt Scarf

Step 1: Cut the shirt into very long strips. You want to end up with around 9 thicker strips, as the t-shirt will naturally curl into itself after cut.

Step 2: Next, decide how much of the scarf you want braided and how much you want loose. Start by tying one of the strips in a knot around the other pieces. This will collect all of the pieces together and make it easy to braid.

Step 3: Begin braiding, including all 9 strips into one.

Step 4: Once you have finished your braid, wrap another piece of the fabric around the others and knot it. Your braid should now be secured at both ends.

Step 5: Decide what length you want your scarf to be and then secure the two ends together either by knotting or using a little hot glue. Sooo easy!

photo and instructions from: Rent The Runway

DIY Braided Racerback Workout Tank

Step 1: Cut off the sleeves of the t-shirt. About 1 inch under seam is good. Once you have the first sleeve cut off, you can use it as a template to cut the other one off.

Step 2: Extend the holes cut on the BACK OF SHIRT only. Making the shirt into more of a racerback.

Step 3: Cut off the collar about 1 inch below. Cut straight across the razor back. Now there should be a flap on the back of your shirt.

Step 4: Cut the flap into three section for the braid. Braid the three strips. Using the needle and thread, sew the ends of the braid together.

Step 5: Find the middle of the collar and sew the braid to it.

Step 6: Take a strip, about 1 inch wide and 3-4 inches long, from the extra you have cut from the shirt. Sew one side to the back of the braid. Wrap the strip around the braid and sew the end. This works to make it look neater and give it an overall cleaner look.

photo and instructions from: Moose Creations




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