More Than Just Shirts!

     Did you know that Greek Streak can brand all types of clothing, not just T-shirts including jerseys, bags, hats and other types of merchandise?(hot pants, socks, duffles, and PJs!)

       Our most popular new item is our Spirit Football Jerseys, but have you thought about ordering a matching tote to go with your jersey?! If you wanted to get really creative we have the option to purchase PJ’s with your fraternity or sorority letters.  The best part of having PJ’s with your organizations letters are the 


sample picture of Poly Zippered Tote



      Greek Streak can put your Greek Letters just about anywhere! We brand all types of clothing including v-necks, zip hoodies, cheer shorts, football jerseys, tie dye shirts, and even hats! Yup. You read that correctly. Greek Streak brands trucker hats. You can even order zippered totes, canvas totes, boater totes, and sport packs with your sorority or fraternity letters.bedding options we have too!

Contact a Greek Streak team member today to get your custom Greek apparel order started!

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