KIT CAT: Staying In Touch Over Summer Break

Ever heard of KIT CAT? No, not the delicious chocolate bar, but Keep In Touch and Call Any Time! Make sure you express to your fraternity or sorority members that you want to keep in contact throughout the summer break.


It’s so easy with members close by, but when others are further away try to make a day trip to see them! Grab some brothers or sisters that live within your area and take a day that everyone is free to meet halfway in between your areas. Road trips are always entertaining and it’s a great way to bond with your brothers or sisters who live close but you do not see often. You can even make it a tradition to all wear your favorite fraternity apparel.

Don’t forget to tell everyone to keep your phone number and address handy. A handwritten letter may be snail mail nowadays but the thought of writing a letter to a brother or sister whom you miss is a great way to keep in touch. If a letter takes too long make sure to get your chapter’s Skype or Ovoo names! That way you can have group chats about how multiple members’ summer break is going.

Who wouldn’t want your Greek organization to have a good summer? Make sure you tell every member to KIT CAT and of course, HAGS!

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