10 Ways to Relieve Stress Throughout Finals

A couple weeks ago we showed you 5 ways sororities can prep for finals. This week we came up with some great ways to relieve those studying stresses…

Let’s face it – final exams are a real bear, especially when you’re trying to balance all the other aspects of student life and the commitments that come with a sorority. Student life around final exams can be overwhelming, to put it mildly. But finals are important and ensuring that you’re well prepared is crucial as well (you don’t want to fail now, do you?).

However, a large part of prepping for finals is making sure that you’re not stressing yourself out too much, which can be tough as you balance sorority duties. Study, yes. But stress, not so much. Hence, it’s important to relieve stress. Here’s a look at 10 ways to relieve stress:

  1. Scream. It’s a tradition at Michigan State University to scream (from your dorm window, the union, the library, etc.) at midnight every day of finals week. The “midnight screams” help students let loose and stay sane during this stressful time.
  2. Sleep. Making sure you’re well rested is perhaps the most critical way to minimize stress and ensure you’re in the best mental state possible.
  3. Exercise. Take a jog or a power walk through campus. Exercising releases endorphins, which can help relieve stress and improve your mood.
  4. Vent. As a sorority member, one of your greatest assets is the community of other sorority sisters. Don’t be afraid to seek counsel and have regular “vent sessions” during finals week with your sisters. Talking it out often does wonders for a stressed mind.
  5. Stay Organized. Set a schedule where you plan your days. Organization can help ease an overactive mind by reassuring you that there’s enough time in the day for everything you need to do.
  6. Do Yoga. Yoga is an exercise that’s designed to invigorate the mind, body and soul. Need we say more? Just a half hour session during finals week can leave you feeling like a new person.
  7. Eat Smart. Stay away from foods that are high in sugar. While you’ll get a short burst from these foods, you’ll eventually crash, limiting your efficiency.
  8. Jam Out. Taking a study break to let loose with your favorite tunes can be a big stress reliever.
  9. Reward Yourself. Set goals for studying during finals week and reward yourself as you meet them.
  10. Party Smart. Don’t get too caught up in partying during finals week. Instead, try not to party at all, or limit how late out you stay or how much you drink at a party. You don’t want to be too hung over to study now, do you? Here’s an idea – instead of partying leading up to finals, throw a big party after finals. Reward yourself with that, as it will also give you something to look forward to.

We know finals are a pain, but don’t turn them into a nightmare by stressing yourself out in the process. Be smart during finals week to ensure you can power through all of the papers and tests.

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