What’s Trending in 2014?

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to be more trendy this year, rather than just wearing jeans and a shirt like I always do. In order to do that, I obviously have to know what is trendy, and I thought maybe some other people would want to know too. Here are the top five trends to watch for 2014.

1)      Pastels— Spring is coming, and the fashion world is very into light colors this year. What makes this different from every other year is how much pastel there is in one outfit. You can wear light green pants and a light pink shirt and it is totally acceptable. As is a pastel floral dress. 565733196ecffb0b2c4faaa91815d5e4

2)      Over sized sweaters – Apparently we love over sized sweaters so much that this one is staying for 2014, even through Spring. Over sized sweaters are so versatile because they can be super thick for winter, or super thin and sorta see-thru for spring and summer. spring-2014-17

3)      Crop tops & jackets – Crop tops aren’t exactly a surprise because we’ve seen them for the past year or so. The trend is the crop top with a jacket, like an over sized blazer. The other trendy option is a normal tight shirt with a cropped jacket. IMG_1752

4)      Tea length skirts – We’re goin 50’s people. The high-waisted tea length skirt is back and it’s turning heads. Wear one with a button up shirt tucked in, or an oversized shirt tucked in, and almost any shoes you want. These skirts are so versatile that it’s difficult not to look great in them. For more 2014 trends, check out our Pinterest board! spread_HiY1kz

5)      Wide Legged Trousers – I’m not exactly on board with this trend, but it is definitely one to watch out for this year. Wide Legged Trousers are the casual yet classic side of 2014, giving the wearer a relaxed and sophisticated look all at once. wide-leg-pants

Want to put a sorority spin on these trends? Check out Greek Streaks new apparel trends to combine 2014 style with your letters! Mix a pair of pastel pants with a chevron shirt, or with a new sorority tee. You’ll look trendy in a way that’s all your own.

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