3 FUN Ways Sororities Can Support Breast Cancer Awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month and that means you still have 2 weeks left to show your support! Whether your Philanthropy is focused on cancer awareness or not, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t gather your troupes to help this cause!

1. Bake Sale:


Stock up on spatulas and get ready for a day of sisterhood bonding. Now is the perfect time for all the newbies to spend some major QT time getting to know all of their sisters during a bake-a-thon! Add a little beet juice to your butter for pink cookies. To top off the event, order some pink Ts with a sweet slogan like this T below. At the end of the day, collect all of your sales and pen a check over to Susan G. Koman For the Cure to help make a real difference. We guarantee an event like this will make everyone feel like a do-gooder!



Instead of going all orange and black in the beginning of the month, take a spin on the pink side for the first few weeks. Throw a craft party with all the sisters to create unique pumpkins, wreaths, candle holders, notebooks, and more. While everyone is together, school the girls on everything you need to know to keep your Tatas in check!



Got that annual parent brunch coming up next week? Why not take advantage of this special occasion and do a two-fe?  Have a ladylike brunch for fam and friends that’s fit for some good samaritan Queens! Get all the girls together to prep an all pink brunch, then call in a favor from your favorite Fraternity bros to man the bar for the morning.  Serve lots of fun, non-alcoholic party drinks like apple-ginger sparklers and Cherry Bombs. Donate your bartender’s tips at the end of the night to your favorite cancer fighting cause and hand the boys a beautifully crafted IOU for their next event!

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