3 ways to use sorority experience to land your dream job

One of my biggest concerns when joining a sorority was that committing a large amount of my time to the sorority would keep me from doing other activities that would be more beneficial to my future career. I wondered if eating all of my meals at the sorority house would keep me from important networking around campus and I worried that future employers would not see my time in a sorority as a benefit.

I was wrong to worry. I currently work as the Brand Identity Developer for Greek Streak and use my sorority experience and knowledge every single day. I remember freezing up in the interview when they asked me if I had any knowledge of Greek Life. Luckily, I responded yes, I was a member of Chi Omega in college, and I went on to explain all of the ways that my time in Chi Omega helped me to learn valuable skills that can easily be applied to a career.

Not everyone will be as lucky as I was to find a career in an industry that caters to sorority and fraternity members, but you can still follow the three easy guidelines below to assure that you can apply your sorority or fraternity experience to your future career.

1.  Take on Leadership Roles in your Sorority
Improve your resume while you’re still in college by taking on leadership roles within your sorority or fraternity. You can list these roles on your resume and bring them up in your interview. If you were president, for example, you tell your future employer about the leadership skills you built and the ways in which you learned to lead others and make important decisions.

2. Add Your Greek Experience to your Resume
As I mentioned before, you can add your sorority or fraternity experience to your resume! You learned valuable skills that can be applied to the workplace. Create a “Volunteer Work” category and list your philanthropy involvement along with any other volunteer work you did in college. This shows employers that you are able to balance your time well, work well with others and it shows that you care about your community and the well-being of others. You should also list any leadership positions or major responsibilities that you took on in your sorority/fraternity.

3. Network Within Your Organization
Your sorority or fraternity can be a huge asset when it comes to networking and searching for a job. Join your organization’s alumni association and start connecting with other alumni in your chosen career field. They will likely be able to offer you guidance and maybe even a job! Many Greek organizations  have LinkedIn groups that you can join and chat within also. Networking is everything when it comes to securing a job in this market, so take advantage of what is likely the largest network of people you have ever been involved with.

Best of luck on your job hunt!

Brand Identity Developer
Greek Streak

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