5 Things That Will Make All the Recruits Want Your Bid!

Recruitment is one of the most important, if not the most important sorority event of the year. Use the week to show off the best parts of your sorority and have the recruits all wishing for your bid! Check out our recruitment tips:

1)      Talk to everyone. Make sure that every recruit that comes in feels welcome. Get to know each potential sorority member as if they’re the most important thing ever, because they are!

2)      Be yourself. You want to make sure they’re all comfortable, and how can they be comfortable if you’re not comfortable? Make sure you’re not trying extra hard to be super upbeat. Just be yourself so that they can be themselves too.

3)      Gush about your Philanthropy. You want the recruits to see the absolute best things about your sorority, so obviously you want them to know anything and everything about your philanthropy. When the girls see how important it is to you, it will become important to them too.

4)      Be honest about the sisterhood. Sisterhood is amazing, but no group of girls can get along all the time, and it’s not always all hearts and flowers. You don’t need to act like you and all your fellow members are perfect together, because it’s obviously impossible and recruits will know that. Show off that it’s not perfect, but the love you share makes it pretty darn close.

5)      Show them your family. As a sisterhood, you’re all there for each other through thick and thin. You’re going to be there for whichever sister needs your help. That’s the best part of any sorority, so show them that yours is the best at it!

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