5 Ways Sororities Can Prep for Finals

Preparing for finals is stressful enough for the average college student, let alone one who is involved in extracurricular activities, such as a sorority.

Yes, it’s those dreaded final exams that stand in the way of either your holiday or summer break (depending on whether you’re in a fall or spring semester). It’s normal to feel overwhelmed juggling study time with, well, everything else you have to get done.

But if you’re struggling to juggle exam preparation with your regular sorority commitments, don’t fret – you can do both. Really, you can. Here’s a look at five ways that sorority members can prep for finals:

Professor Office Hours

One of the great resources that college students don’t take advantage of are a professor’s office hours. Typically, these are held in two-hour blocks either once or twice per week. As you start thinking about your finals, be sure to schedule appointments with your professors during their office hours leading up to exam time. You can generally receive more one-on-one instruction and guidance during these times.

Study Groups

Chances are that there are other members of your sorority that share classes with you. Form a study group with fellow members and tackle your studying together. Often times studying as a group is much more effective than studying alone.

Time Management

You’re busy – we get it. So study wisely. Plan your schedule and be sure to set aside periods for studying. This can be as simple as making time in between classes to look over notes to setting aside one hour blocks each night where you’ll do nothing else but review your notes.

Study before Bed

Research shows that studying right before bed can help you retain information better. So make sure you’re studying strategically. Don’t push yourself into all-nighters, just study smart.

Ask for Help

You belong to a sorority. Think of it as a community and use your fellow members as a resource. There’s unquestionably members that are older than you and have been around the block as far as final exams go. Ask them what to expect and how best to plan. Who knows – maybe they even took a class or two that you’re in now and can give you more specific instruction for the final.

The only thing more of a pain than setting aside time to study for a final exam is doing poorly on the exam and realizing that you might have to take the class over again. You obviously don’t want that to happen. So make sure you’re prepared adequately the first time around by utilizing all the resources your sorority can provide you.

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