5 Fraternity and Sorority Networking Ideas to Connect With Greek Alumni

Alumnae are pillars to your chapter. They are part of your chapter’s history and can influence your chapter’s future. Thus, it cannot be stressed enough how critical it is to engage in fraternity and sorority networking to stay connected with your alums. Not only do they share the same sisterhood, but also helped drive your chapter to where it stands today when they were actives.

Plus, alumnae can be phenomenal when it comes to finding jobs or internships. They may know of potential employers or could write you a letter of recommendation. Alums from your chapter provide so much more than a larger, broader sisterhood. Below are five suggestions on ways to get to know your chapter’s alumnae better and how to show them your respect!

1. Throw an alumnae cocktail for local alums to mingle with actives. This would provide an effective way to network with your alums in a comfortable, casual setting. Show your support for your alumnae and order T-shirts with taglines like “Our Futures Are Bright Thanks To Our Alums,” spirit jerseys or other custom Greek apparel to commemorate the event.

2. When alumnae return for homecoming, invite them to your chapter’s house for snacks and refreshments. Welcome home the alums with a banner and offer to take them on a tour of the house. Let them see their old rooms and the improvements (or lack of) since their college days. To step up the homecoming celebration, surprise your alums with tailgating tees for them to wear to the game or other chapter festivities.

3. Stay involved in the lives of your alumnae. When they get married, send a card or small gift. When they have a baby, make a ‘onesie’ that says “Future (Sorority Name)” for a girl or “Future (Sorority Name) Husband” for a baby boy. Letting them know you appreciate them, reminds your alums of how strong your sisterhood is. Pledging a sorority is not only for college rather for life. Ensure your chapter makes an effort to support alums through all of their monumental life events.

4. Compile a database including bios and contact information of alumnae and what they’re doing now. This can be used as a great networking tool, and can be updated when necessary. The database can allow actives to search for alums with similar degrees, or living in a specified area.

5. Host a trivia night! Create teams (actives vs. alums or intermix the teams) and compete against each other. Ask questions about both the chapter’s history and, or, history about the university. For new members, this can be an easy way to learn about the history and traditions of a chapter while the alums are provided an opportunity to refresh their memory! Keep tally and make T-shirts for the winning team, letting them know they have bragging rights until the next match!

Whether an incoming sister or graduating senior, stay involved in your chapter and appreciate what those before you have done. Who knows, maybe those connections you make during your time at school have a greater impact than you could have ever imagined!

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