6 Sorority House Improvements to Spruce Up Your Chapter House

It’s summer, meaning that your sorority house has likely gotten a whole lot quieter as your sisters have gone home, studied abroad or taken internships elsewhere across the country. Not you, though. No, you’re holding down the fort while taking summer classes.

While summer is a nice break from the hustle and bustle of fall and spring semesters, the reduction in sorority sisters living on site can provide you with an ideal opportunity to give the house a little bit of an upgrade. There’s perhaps no better time to accomplish these things than now and just think of the look on your sisters’ faces when they return to the house in August for fall semester.


Here’s a look at six ways to spruce up your sorority house:


There’s nothing that quite perks up a dark, dreary and worn-looking sorority house like a fresh coat of paint. Even just re-painting a fresh coat of white on the ceilings of the house can do wonders to brighten up a room. And don’t forget to paint perhaps the most important and distinguishing part of the house – the sorority letters displayed on the front!


Fall means football. And football means tailgating. Crafting some simple cornhole boards makes for a fun tailgate game. Such supplies can be purchased at a local hardware store and assembled pretty easily. If you’re not the DIY type (nor is your other half), find someone who can – there are bound to be a few people around town who can build a great set.


Welcome back current sorority members in the fall and new members interested in pledging by crafting some banners for display around the house. Pinterest always has some great ideas for decorating and design.

Eco Friendly :)

Sorority homes are often among the oldest on campus. A more extensive house upgrade is conducting an energy efficiency study on the home and seeing if any reasonable measures can be taken to save money. Common tasks include putting in installation and swapping out old appliances for new, energy-efficient ones. It can help save the environment and members will save money on utility bills. Another easy way to save money is to change out your current light bulbs to compact fluorescent’s (CFL’s — you know, the spiral ones) – electrical usage can be cut down by as much as 75%!

Study Hard

Sorority homes are large and offer many rooms. Think about turning one room into a study room, complete with relaxing decor and coloring. Make it a place where sisters can go to read or prep for that next big test in peace and quiet. Studying, doing well in class and getting a degree are why you’re attending college in the first place, right?


Give your sorority house more of an impression on campus by tweaking the front garden. Plant flowers like annuals, which bloom seasonally every year, and plant low-maintenance shrubs – plants that will look good with minimum upkeep.

Don’t miss your chance to spruce up and improve your sorority house this summer. The aforementioned six ways are all fairly simple, fast and cost effective to implement and will benefit you and your sisters not only for the next academic year, but for years and years to come.

photo courtesy of: Philip Leara

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