A Quick Style Guide: Frat Tanks

With warmer weather approaching, it’s time to hang up your winter coat and begin stocking up your closet with spring and summer clothing! As we enter spring, it is almost impossible not to see frat tanks worn all around campus. The frat tank is a staple in every sorority girl’s wardrobe. You know you own plenty and most likely have an entire drawer filled with them. You get them for Greek Week, homecoming, spring break, formal, and so many more events.

Frat tanks can be worn for any occasion. Here is a quick style guide on what to wear them with:

>Wear with sneakers, Nike shorts, and a Lululemon headband: This sporty look can be rocked all summer long. Wear this outfit for a run around campus or while running errands. This outfit will have you looking fashionable while on the go.

>Wear with converse, leggings, and a zip up hoodie: This casual look can be worn during finals week when you want to be comfortable while studying in the library for hours. It can also be worn for a movie night with your sisters or on the drive/flight home from school.

>Wear with flats, black or white jeans, a statement necklace and a cardigan: Sport this look while getting dinner with sisters and to weekly meeting. This look dresses up the tank and allows you to wear it to events that may be a bit more formal.

>Wear with Jack Rogers sandals and dark wash skinny jeans: Wear this look to class and to the mall. This simple look is still cute and can be worn almost anywhere. Jack Roger sandals will add a little flare to the outfit.

>Wear with Converse, boyfriend jeans, and a baseball cap: This fun look can be worn to a school baseball game and also to visit your friend at a different college. Don’t be afraid to rock some school spirit by wearing a university branded hat.

>Wear with Flip Flops and a bathing suit: This look is obviously for a day at the beach or at the pool. Even though you’re wearing the tank as a cover-up, still make sure you apply lots of sun screen!

>Wear with Strappy sandals, high-waisted jean shorts, and a simple necklace: Wear this chic look to a summer concert or to grab froyo with your BFF. High-waisted shorts are very trendy and you can never go wrong with strappy sandals.

There are so many different ways to rock the frat tank. Check out our website for some fabulous frat tank designs!

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