Adding Quotes to Your Shirt!

Using quotes on your Greek apparel can be super eye catching. Quotes can be used on shirts for recruitment, bid day, formals, and every day wear. Some quotes will get people’s attention and wonder what chapter you are a part of. They are a great way to get PNMs attention and make them want super cute shirts too! Who wouldn’t want a catchy shirt that gets people interested?! Some quotes can be inspiring about Greek life and help others see why we love it so much! My personal favorite quote is, “If I paid for my friends, I surely didn’t pay enough.” This quote makes me realize that the friendships I have made will last a lifetime, as well as the memories made! Next time you have an event, or just want to order a shirt with a catchy quote, check out Greek Streak! Search through our pre-made designs or design your own awesome shirt!



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