Sorority Networking Idea: Alumni Dinner Date

Missing members that just graduated? Time to give them a phone call to set up a dinner date!


Plan a weekend trip for multiple members to come back to campus for a fun night of delicious food. You can head to your favorite restaurant around campus to get your favorite dishes or go to a members house for a potluck. That’s what Pinterest is great for (check out Greek Streak’s for some great cookout/tailgating food). Everyone can even wear their favorite sorority t-shirts!

If you’re planning a cookout, make sure the weather will be nice to be able  to watch your favorite movies with your recently graduated brothers or sisters and bring tons of games for outside soaking up the sun kind of weather. If the weekend you planned is going to be a rainy one, don’t fret, the options are endless still.

Sorority Cake Bites

Have a bake off with your Alumni to see who can make the best cake with your letters on it, or play games to find how many Greek letters are within your house or apartment.


The possibilities are endless to have fun with the members of your Greek organization that you miss.  Then you can make a new tradition of having a dinner once every month to catch up on everyone’s lives.

Photo Courtesy Of: Summer cookout! and Greek letters

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