Avoid Boring Fraternity Recruitment Conversation

Too many brothers tend to ask Potential New Members the same basic questions during Recruitment. Asking these basic questions results in a boring conversation, where both the PNM and brother learn nothing about each other.  Here are some basic questions that Potential New Members are asked by almost every single brother:

  1. What’s your Name?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. What’s your Major?
  4. Where do you live on campus?

These questions are conversation killers and can hurt any Fraternity during recruitment. Better conversations will take place with PNM’s if brothers ask questions like these:

  1. What is your favorite (………)? – Who knows, maybe the two of you have this in common and just by asking this simple question, you two find out a lot more about each other.
  2. Ask about their Family & Friends – It’s important to know about PNM’s outside of school. Learning about their family and friends will allow you to have a better connection and friendship. The PNM also might have a family member or friend who’s a legacy from another fraternity chapter.
  3. What do you do for fun? – Keep the conversation focused on the PNM’s interests. You may find out that he likes to paint or snowboard, which could turn into a great conversation, where both the PNM’s and Brothers are getting to know each other.
  4. What’s your phone number or e-mail address? If the conversation is coming to an end, or there is an awkward silence, ask the PNM for their contact info.  This allows you to keep them updated on any events you may be having on or off campus.

Be sure to encourage your members to ask more open ended questions like these when talking to PNM’s. By doing so, Brothers and PNM’s will have more in-depth conversations that will lead to a successful Recruitment week for you and your Fraternity.

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