Bid Day Crafts: DIY Bid Day Ideas

Fall semester is coming up fast and that means Bid Day themes and ideas need to be made! We thought of some simple and adorable ideas for Bid Day crafts.

Bid Day Photo Shoot

bid day chevron frockets

Make a backdrop to take pictures in front of, either purchase a patterned sheet (like the chevron patterns we offer for our frockets) ¬†or paint a plain white sheet with a pattern of your choice or your Greek Letters. ¬†Another great idea is to make some mustaches, lips, signs and phrases to put on a stick to add some more crafts to your pictures! The signs can say “Welcome home Bids!”, “Congrats!”, “I’m a ___ now!” or anything else you want.

Another Bid Day craft idea is to make some giant Greek Letters to hold. Use some cardboard or thin plywood that you can wrap in fabric to make your letters stand out from the rest.

Bid Day Hats: A Heady Bid Day Craft Idea

A popular Bid Day craft is matching hats. Grab some plain colored hats from a craft store, some stencils and some spray paint pens. Then go to town on how you want to make your sororities matching hats! And don’t forget Greek Streak is offering 30% Off Bid Day and Recruitment apparel until August 1st so make sure to order your custom apparel before then!

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