Bid Day Poster/Banner Ideas

Bid Day is quickly approaching! Have you started making your posters and banners yet? Well here are a few ideas to get you started on what to say on them and how to dress.

1. Looking for a little Bid Day inspiration? How about a blast from the past with a Saved by the Bell banner?! Grab some neon colored paint, make some easy geometric shapes, and then match your outfits up with some neon scrunchies and tee shirts!


2. Show your new sisters that joining your house will make their life so great they’ll only need to live once! You can use any colors you want for this theme and carry the design throughout your tee- shirts! 4d44795bca2ec4ec66050820a1c2ddd6

3. Encourage your Bids that rushing with you is worth every minute of it! Make the banner fun and bright sticking with one color palette and then bring the color throughout your outfits for the day! Try purple shirts, with white jean shorts and purple vans matched up with some silver accessories!


4. Create posters with this saying, maybe try putting your sorority name at the bottom in cursive with glitter so it stands out. Then use silver jewelry, teal shirts with white converse and bows to complete the look for your Bid Day!6264757b5d03eb9682486a5f5b3022ba

5.What better way to show your spirit then with the American Dream? How could this not excite you into joining? Everyone is always chasing the American Dream and now you get to live it! Red, White, and Blue clothing and bows what more could you ask for?


6. Bows, on bows, on bows! What better way to bring your bids into the family then by tying your bond together with bows?! For the banner I’d try making one big bow and hanging it diagonally off the blue banner with the saying and name.


7. Nothings better then a little southern charm and tea. Welcome your bids in with class and sass! Coral shirts, yellow Jack Rodgers, pearls and floppy hats, who wouldn’t want to be seen at that party?


8. Loving the sea? Anchor yourself to something special for your Bid Day! Matching aqua/blue shirts to white jeans, blue shoes and gold anchor jewelry will surely make sure all your bids know their hooked on something special!


9. A childhood classic full of tongue twisters is a fun way to start off your Bid Day! Pink and White balloons, cotton candy, pink shirts and shoes  will have the whole street wishing they were with you!


10. Purple, Pearls, Wild, Girls! Is a fun Bid Day idea. You can wear pearls, purple shirts with cheetah print bows.


11. Want to show the best on Bid Day?  Sun shine, Home, and Crazy Good Girls will tell everyone what life will be like as long as their with you!  Gold jewelry, blue shirts, and pink shoes will start up this party after reading the banner!


12. Remember the movie Le Lo and Stitch?  Well mixing this famous saying in with your sorority will show the meaning of what a Bid with you means! Dressing with Hawaiian skirts and pink shirts and flowers will tie everything together!


13. Child hood classics are always the best Bid Day themes and Banners! Try using the little mermaid quotes, the Jungle Book, Finding Nemo, or any others that you can think of!


14. Don’t want to use a movie theme for your Bid Day? Try using popular song lyrics for your banners such as 99 problems! For this song you could wear black tees with the saying on the back, white bows, and jean shorts.


15.Who doesn’t like to win?! Cleaver way of mixing your sorority letters into a saying.  This banner would be perfectly matched with a red tee shirt with this on the front, black sunglasses and white converses!


16. Want to try something new and all your own for Bid Day? Try using a play on words. So ROAR ity is a fun way to grab attention and mix it with a lion theme!



17. With Cow girl boots on your feet and hats on your head all you’ll need is a catchy country song lyric mixed in with your sorority name for your Bid Day banner and shirts. 2fa7d9fa9544198702609980d8b7110a

18. Throwing it back to Greece the movie, You’re the one that we want, is the perfect Bid Day theme! Pink chevron pattern with black letters will grab everyone’s attention from the street.


19. Bid Day theme, Alice and Wonderland, has been very popular. There are so many cute quotes from the movie that you can put on your banner for Bid Day! For this one you could make tea cup hats, wear gold jewelry, blue shirts and red vans.


20. Sweets? Yum! The sweetest girls get the sweetest treats! So why not make your banner with some of your favorite deserts and show case the sweet life to your new Bids?!


21. Want a more traditional Bid Day theme? Baseball, a classic American sport fits the Bid Day theme perfectly! White converses, red shirts, blue jeans and white bows will bring life to your banner and your house.


22. Don’t sail off without your sisters! This them can be done in any two colors you want and would be easy to make with simple shapes building the boat and a bright colored background!


23. XOXO Gossip Girl, you know you love us. A simple black background and white writing with pink xoxo on it and a big lipstick mark will draw plenty of attention on Bid Day. Wear pink shirts, white shoes, and a lipstick mark on your cheek with black shorts.



For more ideas on posters, quotes, themes, outfits, and crafts for Bid Day check out Greek Streak Pinterest page!


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