Bid Day Themes

Bid Day is coming up! Which means it’s time to welcome your new sisters home with a great party!

Here are 10 Bid Day Theme Ideas to get you ready

1.   Tiffany & C.O.

By using Tiffany blue shirts, white pearls and bows and Tiffany blue or white converse you can create a stunning look for this theme.

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2. Alice in Wonderland

This crazy fun theme can be accomplished in several different ways. You could use any character you want! Such as the Mad Hatter by all wearing hats with green shirts and blue bows and gold jewelry or the cat by wearing purple tees  and gold jewelry, with yellow bandanas/headbands.



3. Draft Day for the NFL

This sporty theme works well with white shorts, NFL tanks using your sorority letters, and white convers.


4. Grease

Being the Pink Ladies is a fun way to throw back to another era. By using pink tops and black bottoms with scarfs around your neck or in your hair and black convers or heels you’ll have the perfect outfit for the day!



An American classic, you can never go wrong with! Grab some red and white baseball tees with your letters and add a white baseball cap, some cut up faded shorts, and white shoes and you’ll be ready for Bid Day!



6. The Price is Right

Grab some cute tight dresses, some sparkles and let your hair down and no one will doubt that this house is absolutely right.



7. Candy Land

Who doesn’t love Candy Land? This theme gives you lots of options on what to wear. You could go with red and white striped shirts or dresses, red vans, and white bows, or you could use a plum colored dress with white bows and a candy necklaces. Based on all the characters from this game there are so many different options for you to explore!


8.New Kids on the Block

This fun theme allows bright colors and fun outfits! Using a bright neon colored shirt with a different Neon colored hat some black shorts and neon colored shoes, maybe even some Ray Bans , no one will miss the house you’re in!



9. Friends

Tight mini skirts and crop tops with some white convers will bring you right into the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S!



10. Sailors

You can’t ever go wrong wearing Red, White, and Blue. Being a sailor with white tops, blue jeans, white shoes, pearls, and of course red bows will have you ready to jump on board!









Now that you have some ideas for Bid Day it’s time to make sure you get the perfect Tee-shirt for the theme of your choice at Greek Streak.

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