Bid Day Themes | Ideas for Sorority Bid Day Events

In preparation for Bid Day next semester, we’ve brainstormed some Bid Day themes for making your chapter the most distinctive around campus. And who doesn’t want that for their organization?
Western Bid Day

Who is the most wanted? Your sorority or fraternity of course! Have a western themed designed shirt to go along with activities like best line dancer, water gun shooter and bull rider. Greek Streak can make custom designs to fit your personal western theme.

Prints and Patterns
il_fullxfull.239123646 We can’t help that Lilly Pulitzer, Juicy and animal prints are so cute. Have a theme to match that pattern. A Lilly themed Bid Day would include bright colors and adorable matching phone cases, pens, notebooks and jewelry.


Where Juicy would require a little more poking fun, play a game of Pin the Juicy on the Booty! Pin the Juicy logo on a cardboard cutout of the executive board of your organization, make it fun! And finally with animal prints you can expand the theme to a Jungle themed Bid Day. Find out who has the best monkey face by taking pictures of every member and having a vote for best face!


And for the gentleman, have a “drafting” theme, you do only want the best for your organization! Or just have a Nike themed Bid Day, make custom shirts with your organizations own funny Nike saying.

There are so many options of themes for Bid Day! Pick one of the options we provided or make your own, just don’t forget Greek Streak can help you with any custom order, whether it be sorority t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys or tanktops!

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