Big and Little Love

Each new member of a Greek organization is given a “big” brother or sister that has been a mentor to him or her throughout their new member period. The purpose of the big and little brother or sister pairs is to help members form special bonds within the organization and encourage and support one another to live up to the fraternity or sorority’s ideals. However, relationships between big and little brothers and sisters is usually much stronger than that; big and little brothers and sisters often are lifelong friends who love and support each other unconditionally even after college graduation. They form families.

Perfect for every family!

Usually the name of a new member’s big brother or sister is kept secret until an event called Big / Little Revealing, in which they are introduced. Each chapter of each organization has its own way of revealing big and little brothers and sisters, and after the revelation, new members are introduced to their families and have time to celebrate this milestone in fraternity and sorority life.

big/little reveal How to Be a Great Big or Little

Bond with each other! Make unforgettable memories that only you and your family share, that way that bond can never be broken. Pick your Big or Little up when they are down and know them in and out to be able to help them and make them feel as special as possible.

Big/Little Gift Ideas

You have the option of bow tanks or sorority apparel from Greek Streak to make your Big or Little feel special, you can find some jewelry to purchase or make with your mascot on it and make them a relaxation kit for when the stressful time at school comes around. These are just a few options to make your Big or Little as happy as they can be!

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