Big Little Week Ideas

There is only one thing better than getting a bid and that is getting a big. For a new member big/little week is the most flattering week that leads up to big/little reveal. Showering your little or twins will make them feel special and welcomed into the chapter!

>Big little week is all about the crafts! Some crafts that every little need includes a badge box, canvas with a big little quote, and wooden letters that she can hang in her dorm.

>Give her a pair of stitched letters. Whether they are your house letters, family letters, or one of your old pair of letters, they are the perfect gift to make her feel apart of the sorority.

>Trash or decorate her dorm room. Fill her room with balloons, confetti, streamers, and posters to show how much you love her already.

>A great idea is to get matching big little shirts for reveal. You could also get together with your friends and make a group order of shirts for reveal.

Being a big is the most rewarding experience that you gain when you join a sorority. Make sure to teach your little all of that and more about being in your sorority to make her love it just as much as you do.



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