Big/Little Bonding

Two of the most amazing days of your sorority life are the day you get your Big and the day you get your Little. The bond between Big and Little is the definition of sisterhood. However, each big/little relationship is different. You can’t compare your relationship that of others in the sorority, but at the end of the day, your relationship is still one of love. When you first get your big/little, its important to establish this bond.

1. Go out for Dinner/Lunch/Whatever
Go out for a meal together as soon as possible. Whether its dinner or lunch or even breakfast, this is a great time to get to know each other. Pick either your or their favorite restaurant or try a restaurant neither of you have been to. If a restaurant is out of your budget, a date at the dining hall is just as great. Better yet, cook a meal together! Find a delicious recipe on Pinterest and cook up a storm in the kitchen. Make sure you blast some cool tunes while you do it.

2. Have a Movie Night
Spend a night in with a favorite movie. Let her pick or you can pick together. Maybe you both have a favorite movie, genre or actor. Wear your coziest pajamas and make sure to provide a ton of snacks. Better yet, make it a movie marathon. Each of you bring your favorite movie and your favorite snack and prepare for a long night of laughing, snacking, and bonding.

3. Craft a ton for each other!
Crafts are basically sorority code for “I love you”. Make her a paddle, a picture frame, or a pin box. Pinterest is a great source for a ton of easy and cheap sorority crafts that your little or big will love. Do the crafts in the sorority colors, your family colors, or their favorite colors.

4. Get Matching Big and Little Shirts
As we all know in Sorority world, nothing is true until you put it on a t-shirt. We have some great single order big/little shirts that would be perfect for the occasion and they come in a variety of designs and colors. They are a great gesture and the rest of your chapter will be envious. Imagine how cool you and your big/little will look walking around campus showing off your bond. Make sure to take a ton of Big/Little photos in them and send them to us so we can see them too!



Check out our Pinterest for more bonding ideas!

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