Big/Little Gift Basket Ideas

Remember that amazing feeling you got when you received that basket full of goodies from your big? Now it’s your turn to spoil your little and show her the same love! You don’t need to spend tons of money on these baskets, but they should be filled with items that either you two both love or just truly express the meaning of sisterhood.

Here are some inexpensive ideas for inspiration when making your Big/Little gift basket !

DIY Big/Little cups

Who doesn’t love tumblers? This DIY craft is easy and is a fun personalized gift to use for a Greek life event or any personal occasion. All you need is ribbon, 2 matching cups, and paint and you have a cute gift that you can share with your little !


Decorating is always fun, especially when you’re in a sorority and want to show your Greek pride. Get crafty making sparkly letters for whichever sorority you’re in with 2 materials: glitter and ribbon!


Getting free apparel is the best part of being a little! Make sure to add a t-shirt or two in the basket so your little can start reppin’ your sorority. Check out our new Press Collection. We have a brand new collection of designs available for individual ordering for the first time ever!

Examples of Big/Little Gift Baskets:




 Other items to include could be candy, magazines, snacks, and movies. Make the gift basket personalized and thoughtful! For more ideas take a look at our Big/Little Inspiration Station Pinterest Board!

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