Fraternity Spring “Brotherhood Building” Activities

Conducting Brotherhood events and activities is a great way to unite your Fraternity brothers in a fun, casual, and alcohol-free way. Even if the event isn’t your “cup of tea”, just attending and spending time with your brothers is a sure good time.  It’s important for a Fraternity to have at least one event a semester for the active brothers and alumni.

Add food, music, even coordinate shirts for activities. Keeping all your brothers entertained is a must, and you’ll never find a brother who doesn’t love getting awesome new shirts AND free food.

Here’s a few activities you and your brothers can do this spring:
Brotherhood Golf Outing
Active Brothers VS Alumni Softball Game
Community Service Event
Fundraiser Event

These events are great for all Fraternities because bringing together all the guys will enhance a strong bond between your members. Each chapter is different, so get creative with your bonding activities!

Be sure to check out Greek Streak’s Fraternity Design Gallery for ideas, or customize your own shirts for all your Fraternities Brotherhood Events.

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