Brotherhood March Madness Bracket

It’s March, which means it’s time to start filling out those March Madness brackets. Almost every guy puts together a bracket each year whether it is for fun, a prize, or bragging rights. Your fraternity can have a lot of fun putting together a pool made up of your brothers. My fraternity has done this every year since I’ve been a member and it is always a good time. It brings the brothers together at the chapter house to watch all the games. It’s a great idea for the Fraternity to offer a prize for the winner, like a custom Fraternity shirt, because it is an added incentive for your brothers to participate. When it starts getting down to the final weekends of the tournament, your fraternity can have a great time hosting an all day event. Brothers, and even other Greek Life members, can bring a tray of food and everyone eats and watches the games. So start putting together a Fraternity pool for this year’s March Madness and setting up events for the games for a guaranteed good time for everyone.

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