Participate In Greek On Campus Events

Every semester the Sororities on campus host a number of events where they encourage the participation of Fraternities. Attending events, like philanthropy events, bake sales, and competitions, hosted by Sororities on campus has a number of benefits for Fraternities. Not only are you spending time with some of the best ladies on campus, but you’re most likely participating is something that is supporting a great cause. Some Sororities host events like all you can eat wings and 3-on-3 basketball tournaments where all participants donate a certain amount of money and the winner has a portion of it donated to their organizations philanthropy, the rest goes to the Sororities philanthropy. These events draw big crowds, so it’s a great place for your Fraternity to make a name for themselves by making a big donation or winning a competition. Sometimes, sororities will give away things throughout the events that Fraternity guys love like t-shirts, koozies, and sunglasses. So be sure to get your Fraternity involved in upcoming events on campus for a great time with great people.

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