Catching Up with Alpha Omicron Pi at Penn State

A group shot of the girls during bid day last fall. (c/o GreekYearbook photos)

All semester, Greek Streak is chatting with sorority and fraternity chapters around the country to get the skinny on what’s going on around campus. Today we’re catching up with the sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi at Penn State. We talked with Jamie Kahn, president of the Epsilon Alpha chapter:

Greek Streak: What are the sisters of A-O-Pi up to this fall?

Jamie: Our chapter is holding its annual Football Challenge philanthropy event on October 13. Fraternities and sororities sign up teams and play touch football, there are sponsors that donate food, raffle prizes, and all the sisters of AOII act as the coaches for the teams. We also held recruitment in early September and received 38 new girls! And right now, our Homecoming is currently going on. There are several activities such as a talent show, carnival, field day, and a parade. In early December we are participating in Greek Sing and will perform “Rock of Ages.” All the girls are really excited to participate.

Greek Streak: What are some of the popular Greek apparel trends for your members this year?

Jamie: It’s very popular to have pinnies and/or tanks. We are also ordering zip-ups soon. We love neon and bright colors, so some of our recent clothing orders have incorporated neon.

(Editor’s Note: Check out our ladies’ styles and zip-up hoodies. We love neon, too!)

Greek Streak: How are the sisters of AOPi showing their sorority pride around campus this semester?

Jamie: The sisters of AOII always wear AOPi gear, whether it is going to the gym, class, or anywhere out on campus. We love getting new clothes and showing them off around campus.

Greek Streak:
 What’s your one “must have” AOPi merchandise or clothing item?

Jamie: My “must have” AOII clothing item would definitely be my big lettered sweatshirt. I chose the pattern myself and I wear it all the time! It’s very popular on campus.

Greek Streak: 
What does being an AOPi mean to you?

Jamie: AOII is more than just an organization to me. I found friends that I know will be there for me when I am getting married, having kids, and so on. The women I have met at conventions and conferences amaze me as they share the same values as I do. Having these connections with these women that I do not really know changes the way I interact with people and allows me to be more open. AOII is a sorority of determined women who strive to exceed the expectations.

Thanks for taking time to chat with us, Jamie. Sounds like AOII pride is on full display at Penn State!

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