Celebrate With A Founders Day Party for Your Sorority and Fraternity!

In honor of the lovely ladies of Kappa Delta, we’re planing for a Founders Day soiree sure to make the snootiest founding sisters and brothers get their streak on! Check out our top three DIYs to make your Founders Day a hit all across campus.

1. Get into character.


Get all your sisters and brothers together and do a little research – or have your pledges do it for you- after all, they should know this stuff by now right? Besides just knowing the names of all of your Founders, see if you can dig a little deeper and get the real deats about what life was like during their first colonization. Find some old pics and head on over to your local vintage shop. Challenge everyone to dress as their best turn of the century Greek co-ed.

2. Embrace Tradition.

Whether it’s your sacred candle lighting ceremony, or the secret verse to your Chapter’s anthem – let everyone know why it’s so important. Before the festivities get started, have one person share the history of your chapter and a little bit about why you do the things you do. Understanding WHY we have tradition always makes a more powerful impact than just participating in the traditions.

3. Show Your Pride.

Decorate the house with everything that represents your Chapter. Get balloons in your colors, build a papier mache statue of your mascot (if you don’t already have one), use streamers, your flower, everything you can think of. Set up a special photo booth too with mascot masks and funny props that represent your Founders. Invite the whole school because really, it’s always more fun to share the celebration with everyone right?  We vote to make this Founders Day one to remember!

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