Change Your Surroundings with the Seasons!

I know your apartment or dorm looks amazing, but don’t you want the same four walls to change a bit sometimes? There are lots of fun, no hassle ways to change your home’s look with every season so that every four months or so, your space changes just enough to make it refreshing. Here are five of my favorite ways to change your space with the seasons:

1)      Pictures—Have a few cute frames that you haven’t hung up? Hang them! This is a SAMSUNG great excuse to take a seasonal picture with some of your sisters or your little. Take an Ugly Sweater picture and hang it up in a frame for winter. Surround it with some winter themed photos with your members or a few snowy landscape photos! You can do this for every season with as many frames as you want. It’s a great way to show the season on your walls without having to do much other than occasionally switching out photos! And it’s cheap, too :)

2)      Pillow Covers—Make pillow slip covers for your bedroom or common area with some seasonal fabric. It’s pretty easy to sew a pillowcase (if you’re super crafty, add a zipper!) and once they’re made all you have to do is change them with the seasons!

3)      Blankets—No one ever complained about having too many blankets! My roommate and I have a blanket for every season that we drape over our couch. You can make your own out of fleece fabric if you want; maybe put your letters on them! It’s an inexpensive way to decorate your couch or bed and trust me it makes a big difference! Check out our Pinterest board for DIY blanket tips!

ffc68746c46a786ea3c145fa81cb20d74)      Seasonal Centerpiece—You know that vase you never use? Put it on your desk or your table and fill it with seasonal flowers! Or if you’re sort of cheap like me, you can buy a bag of colored marbles and fill it with those. It’s easy but it looks amazing, and each season calls for different colored marbles! Sounds fun, right? I know =)

5)      Room Fragrances—My roommate is obsessed with seasonal fragrances. Blring the outdoors indoors with your favorite seasonal scent. Glade PlugIns are fairly inexpensive and you can buy them in bulk. Thanks to PlugIns, my entire apartment smells like sugar cookies. I love coming home.

Inspire your Chapter to get seasonally creative! Check out Greek Streak’s themed designs and prepare for the upcoming spring & summer events.

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