Christmas Gifts for Fraternity Members

cta-greek Unless you enjoy giving cash as a gift, shopping for holiday gifts for college students is never easy. But finding the perfect Christmas gift for a fraternity member doesn’t have to be impossible. Here are three easy gift ideas for frat guys that’ll earn you some love this December:

Fraternity Clothing

A fraternity letter shirt makes a great gift from father to son. Step one: Be sure you know what fraternity he’s in. You’ll want to know what his fraternity letters are, too. Pi Kappa Alpha is πKA, for example. Most fraternities list their official colors on their national website – getting letters in his fraternity colors is always a safe bet.

If buying fraternity letters is too fraught with peril, consider a hoodie, long-sleeve tee or t-shirt. Fraternity hoodies are a favorite of every frat brother – perfect for a boyfriend, brother or son.

If you’re ordering for a group (hint, hint: fraternity gifts for your chapter or pledge class), Greek Streak can hook you up. Check out some of our popular fraternity shirt designs.

Maid Service

Let’s face it: Your fraternity-member son isn’t going to clean his own apartment. You do remember what your college dorm looked like, don’t you? A once-a-month maid service won’t teach him personal responsibility, but it’ll at least get those pizza boxes and solo cups out to the curb.

A Grocery Gift Card

Man cannot survive on pizza and wings alone. He needs cereal, too. And toilet paper. A gift card to a nearby grocery store will allow the fraternity member in your life to stock up on essentials…or at least refill the fridge when it’s running low.

When shopping for fraternity gifts and other custom Greek apparel, remember Greek Streak has an online chat so you can speak with our Greek apparel experts; we’ll help you find the ideal gift for the frat guy in your life.

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