Conversation Topics For Recruitment!

Fall Recruitment is right around the corner! Whether this is your first year or your last, it might be difficult to start and hold conversations with potential new members. Since you are the active member, it is your job to keep the conversation flowing and interesting! Here are some good conversation starters and ice breakers that you can use this year during recruitment!

304548_10151009894994436_404863588_n_zps390c45ce One thing that a PNM is going to be asked about 100 times is what they did this summer. Try and twist the question and ask what was her favorite thing she did this summer. Or ask her where she went to get so tan. Keep this part of the conversation short and transition something she did into a totally different topic!

Ask them how they are feeling about the upcoming school year. Let them get off of their chests their worries and take the time to comfort them and letting them know that they are about to start the best year of college! This will show her that you care and will let her realize that you could potentially be someone she looks up to in the future! (potential little maybe!)

Find a common interest between the two of you and try to talk about that for a while. This will stick out to her when she is deciding between houses. More than likely all the houses will blend together and you want to have your house stand out to her! Find what really sparks her interest and keep that conversation flowing!

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