Craft Ideas for the Summer

If you and your sisters are having one of those boring summer days with nothing to do why not pass the time with some fun crafts for you or your sister? Here are a few ideas to help kick start your summer fun!

1. DIY Cocktail Gift

SomethingTurquoise-DIY-Mason-Jar-Cocktail-Gift-0002 SomethingTurquoise-DIY-Mason-Jar-Cocktail-Gift-0003

Want to surprise your little with a fun ready to go cocktail? These little gift sets are cute and easy to make and help you get the party started right! Try using Coke and Jack Daniels, Dr. Pepper and Fireball, Starbucks Double Espresso and Baileys, Red bull and Vodka, Sprite and Seven Crowns.




2. Recycled Tin Lanterns


What better way to light up the night then with a lantern for your back deck?! Paint the tins a fun color if you want something other then the rustic tin look.

Click Here For Directions >>  HowToMakeLantern 





3. DIY Wine Bottle and Glass Holder


Take it on the beach, to your sister’s house, on the lake, anywhere you want. Consider Painting the wood frame with a Lilly Pattern or your own design.

Click Here For Directions >> HowToWineHolder







4. DIY Painted L.L. Bean Totes


This is a great idea for your little or you! Paint your Sorority Letters and whatever design or saying you’d like and carry them with you everywhere you go.

Click Here For Ideas and Directions >> PaintedTotes





5. Lilly Painted Jug Coolers

tumblr_mkypfuPSFt1qkik3go1_1280Perfect gift for your little! Pick out your favorite Lilly pattern, a jug cooler, and some paint and get to work. There’s nothing better then Lilly all year round!





6. Liqueur Bottle Flower Holders

Patron Bottle Vase

What sister doesn’t love flowers and drinks? Find out your little’s favorite liqueur and grab an empty bottle of it. Tie a rope or a bow around the top and stick some flowers in it and there you have it, your own vase. You might even consider painting around the bottle or writing your letters and little’s name on the sides or under the label for a more personal touch.







7. T-Shirt Quilt


I’m sure you have plenty of old sorority shirts that you don’t wear anymore but can’t seem to throw away.  Well now you don’t need to! Make a quilt out of all your favorite shirts, its a great way to remember all the fun times you had and hold on to your shirts without having to have them sit in the bottom of your closet.

Click Here For Directions >> T-ShirtQuilt



Check out our Pinterest page for more fun craft ideas >> GreekStreak

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