Creative Dorm Room Storage!

College is awesome and everything, but one part of college that can be less than ideal is your dorm room.  When you’re living in a small, shared space you’ve got to have a few storage tricks up your sleeve. Here are some noteworthy, creative ways to store your stuff and make your dorm room more like a living space.

1)      Wall Space: Walls aren’t just walls; they’re empty canvases just waiting for you to shower them with command hooks. Put up a bunch of colorful command hooks and you have a spot for your purse, your backpack, your coat, a sweatshirt, or anything you want. Use some to display your crafts or your paddle! Remember, if it’s on the walls then it doesn’t have to go in a drawer!

2)      Small Item Containers: Behold! The magnetic board. This genius invention will save every girl who ever wears makeup or paints her nails. You can go buy one (they’re pretty cheap) or you can make your own. Once you have one, you can buy some of those magnetic holders that are for lockers and put your makeup in them and stick them on the board!

3)      Under Bed Storage: Never underestimate the power of Bed Risers. Bed Risers give you at least 5 more inches of storage space in a matter of seconds. You can store your craft supplies in colorful storage bins or boxes, or hide presents for your little behind a cute bed skirt. Easy accessibility and endless possibilities.c72c154e5468126e5cc66e71fb847dd0

4)      Crate Seats: These give both extra seating and extra storage. They’re  super easy to do and you can make them using pretty much any fabric you want. Check out our Pinterest board for DIY’s on magnetic boards and crate seats!

5)      Pass Down Old Sorority Items: Maybe you have old chapter shirts you don’t wear anymore. Try passing them down to your little! To fill your extra closet space with new chapter shirts, check out our Greek Streak Individual Line!

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