De-Stress during Greek Week!

greek-week-side-photoGreek Week is something that every sorority gears up for. It’s super fun, but you’ve got to admit that it takes a lot out of you. Sometimes it can take weeks to prepare for something like Greek Sing, and sometimes it would be nice to just relax a little. Here are some ways you can bond and relax with your sorority members during Greek Week.

Since Greek Week takes up a lot of time, you need little breaks that won’t take up too much of your day. Try having a nail party, and have everyone paint their nails. Maybe you can choose one color or one design for the whole sorority and have everyone’s nails looking great for Greek Sing!

Another great way to bond is to make sister bracelets. There are endless ways to create a bracelet. You could have a bracelet making party, and let everyone make their own sorority bracelet. Then you can all wear them during or after Greek Week.

You can also decorate shirts to wear to some of your events. Break out the puffy paint and let your fellow members have fun with it. Show your sorority pride by putting your last name on the back of your shirt in your sorority colors!

For those events that need a more official looking shirt, take a look at our Greek Week shirt designs! They’re great for indoor and outdoor events and they’ll keep your sorority looking sharp!

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