My Experience in a Honor’s Fraternity

We all know that when we think of Greek Life, we think of the Traditional Fraternity or Sorority. However, there’s another part of Greek Life that is popular among colleges : co-ed Fraternities!

I just so happen to be in a National Co-ed Honor’s Fraternity called Phi Sigma Pi at Towson University. And honestly, I think it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

I think the greatest part of joining not only my fraternity, but just Greek life in general, is the sense of family you have. I have met some pretty amazing people since I rushed back in Spring ’13 and can truly rely on any of my brothers for anything at all. ¬†Surrounding myself with people who are determined, smart, and passionate about life is why I love being in a Fraternity. I consider the friends I that I have made in PSP, some of my best friends. Joining Greek Life is a great way to meet people with all different backgrounds be it their major, hometown, or just life experiences.

I think another deal breaker for me is that my fraternity is really committed to community service and giving back to the local Baltimore community. Being a brother of Phi Sigma Pi has motivated me to become more of a leader both within and outside our chapter. Right now I am one of the Philanthropy Chairs for Gamma Pi, our chapter, which I was wary to take on because it was a new position this year. However with the support of my brothers, I ran and got the position! Last semester, I also had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy. I got through the stressful application process and was encouraged all along the way even when I was abroad. My brothers even sent me a surprise package with little notes and goodies that really helped with feeling homesick.

I joined a fraternity to make a bigger impact in the community and to meet new people. Why do I stay? Because of the friendships that I have made, the commitment to challenging ourselves to be the best we can be, and the memories that are still to come.





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