Custom Sorority Coolers: DIY Cooler Decorating Ideas

Pinterest gives you the best ideas. Have you ever seen the custom coolers that many sororities and fraternities have made? Here’s an example of one:

Pretty cute, huh? So, with that, let’s go into the steps it takes to make one of these awesome coolers! It’s easy and pretty simple-

1. Buy a cooler of the size you prefer (remember you will be painting or putting decals on it so chose the size that will show off your artwork)

2. Buy paint of the colors you desire and a sealant so if it gets wet the paint does not come off the cooler

3. Purchase a decal or find a design you wish to put onto the cooler. You can print one out from the Internet if you would like and trace it onto the cooler so the design is exact.

4. Make it your own! Add the decal, your initials, your chapter name and year founded!

Hope you enjoyed this easy DIY! Feel free to show us if you made one on our Facebook page!

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