DIY Halloween Costumes

3 Crazy-Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is hard. You’re expected to have the perfect Halloween costume that you’ve planned weeks in advance, but class, social calendars and exams happen. To make your Halloween fun and stress-free, we’ve created 3 no-stress, insanely-easy, seriously you don’t have to be crafty at all, do-it-yourself Halloween costumes. You can make most of these with items that you already have!
The Greek Streak Graphic Artists compiled a bunch of crafty items and got creative (so you wouldn’t have to) to turn them into Halloween costumes.





1. Strawberry Shortcake:

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Supplies Needed:
– Red tank, dress or shirt
– Colored construction paper
– Hot glue gun
– Wide, red headband
– Scissors

1. Cut your tan construction paper into teardrop (seed) shapes and glue them onto the red tank.
2. Cut your green construction paper into tall triangles, once you have 10 or so, fasten them into a circular shape with artists tape.
3. Attach¬†one more strip to the bottom and then hot-glue that strip to the headband so that the “stem” will sit in the center of your head.







2. Gumball Glam:











Supplies Needed:
– A red t-shirt
– 2 packs of party balloons
– A cheap, thin, headband
– One large bag of small gumballs
– Hot glue gun
– Cheap sunglasses

1. Hot glue as many gumballs as you want to the outside of your sunglasses.
2. Hot glue one layer of gumballs to the top of your headband, then glue a second row to the front of your headband.
3. Put tiny holes into your shirt in groups of two.
4. Tie string around the end of your inflated balloons then push both ends of the string through the shirt.
5. Tie on the inside of the shirt and then put it on!








3.¬†Sarah’s Arc










Supplies Needed:
– A white or tan, thicker headband
– Tan construction paper
– Twine
– Animal toys (these came off of a keychain)
– Hot glue gun

1. Wrap twine around your headband.
2. Cut your construction paper into two boat shapes that connect at the bottom.
3. Fold them together, leaving the bottom flat.
4. Glue the flat, bottom of the boat to the headband.
5. Carefully place your animals inside the boat and then hot glue them in.
6. Wrap more twin around the outside of the boat and sort of around the animals.







Extra Credit: Unicorn Shades

IMG_8817 5

When you have extra craft supplies…
Glue a few unicorns to some cheap sunglasses and wear them on Halloween or to your next concert or to Spirit Week, the possibilities are endless.


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