Coffee Shop Recipes You Can Make at Home

It’s that time of year for frozen delicious drinks from your favorite coffee shops! Now you can make some yummy drinks at home for less, here are a few copycat recipes from Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts to get the drinks you want just homemade-

Shaken Passion Fruit Tea- Starbucks Copycat Recipe


Ingredients –

2 quarts of water 1/2 cup sugar

4 Tazo Passion Tea bags

A Pan

Put the water in the pan and add the sugar. Bring to a boil. Once it has boiled for a minute or so shut off the heat and add your tea bags, and wait. Let them steep for about an hour and a

half (the longer the better). Pour the tea into a container and refrigerate. Once it’s nice and cold fill up a cup halfway with ice, a teaspoon more of sugar and the tea.

Mocha Frappuccino- Starbucks Copycat Recipe


6 cups double-strength freshly brewed dark roast coffee

2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, plus additional cocoa powder for garnish

2 cups nonfat milk

Fill ice-cube trays with half of the brewed coffee and place in the freezer. In a bowl, combine the remaining brewed coffee, cocoa powder and milk and stir to dissolve the cocoa. Cover and chill.When the ice cubes have frozen, transfer them to a kitchen towel and, using a hammer or mallet, crush the cubes. Fill 4 glasses with the crushed ice and divide the coffee-cocoa mixture evenly among them. Dust the top with cocoa powder and serve.

Oreo Coolatta- Dunkin Donuts Copycat Recipe

Makes 3 Small Drinks

16 Oreos, crushed (with a few whole ones set aside)


2 cups cold strong brewed coffee

1 cup heavy cream

7 tablespoons sugar

4 tablespoons chocolate syrup

whipped cream

about 14 ice cubes

Add all your ice cubes into the blender. Pour about a cup or so of your black coffee into the blender to give it a liquid base. Blend it all

together to give it that slushy, icy texture. You don’t want to blend all the coffee and ice together at once, or it will just be like cold coffee. Add the cream, sugar, and chocolate syrup to the rest of your coffee. Stir well to combine.

Add the coffee gradually to make sure it doesn’t end up with too much coffee in it. Then finally, stir in the Oreos then add the whipped cream.


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