DIY Summer Crafts

Do-it-yourself projects are fun, easy and cheap! Take advantage of your free time this summer and make some crafts for your apartment or to give to your little! Here are some of our favorite DIY projects –


Wall Letters: You can buy your sorority’s letters from Michael’s or Jo-Anne fabrics. They have all different sizes so you can decide based on where you plan on hanging them. You can either paint them all one color or get a little more creative with different designs. My favorite are the american flag letters and the pearl letters!

American Flag – Place star stickers on the first letter and duct tape in stripe formation on the others. Paint them blue and red and take off the stickers/tape once they dry to get the American flag look!
Pearls – Paint letters black and place pearls all over. (Buy a lot of sticky pearls)


Mason Jars: There are so many crafts you can do with mason jars. Whether you make them into cups, candles holders, or flower pots. We love mason jars!
– Mix Elmer’s glue, water, and your favorite glitter. Paint the inside of a mason jar and let dry. Put a candle in it!

Chalk Paint: Use chalk paint on whatever you want! Dip the ends of a wine glass in it or paint the back-splash of your kitchen with it. The possibilities are endless!


Coasters: Buy ceramic coasters and craft felt. Pick a design to put on top of the coasters. Attach the felt to the bottom of the coasters. Cut the design to fit the coasters and ModPodge over the whole thing. Easy as that!

Check out our DIY Pinterst board for some more craft projects and inspiration! :)

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