Don’y Worry, Be Happy! :)

With the fall semester into full swing, you’re sure to be feeling it…stress.


It’s still early on in the semester, so if you’re stressing over a bad test grade or paper RELAX! You still have plenty of time to bring up your grade and dwelling on one bad thing will just bring your mood down.

Maybe you need to try studying a different way! Go someplace where you usually don’t study like a cafe, park, or just another academic building. Or studying using flash cards, reading the textbook, repeating your noted to yourself out loud, or looking up YouTube videos.

Maybe it’s time you have a change in scenery! Being in a stressful environment can really take it’s toll after a while, so taking yourself out of that situation can help a lot.┬áTry going on a long walk or jog. If you can, take a trip home and regroup.

Last but not least, maybe you just need some alone time. Time where you don’t have to worry about anyone or anything and can feel/do what you want. So go ahead, watch some Netflix, eat some Nutella, and wear the comfiest sweatpants you own-you totally deserve it!


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