Eat Healthy on a Budget!

Eating healthy doesn’t always have to break your bank account. The trick is to go to the grocery store with a plan. Come up with a meal plan for the week and write down the recipes. This way you can go in with all your ingredients in mind and not over spend!

Another trick is to pack your lunch before work or school so there’s no temptation to eat out. Not only is eating out pricey, but it can also be hard to find something healthy. Here are some ideas for cheap and nutritious lunches that include whole grains, protein, and fruits/veggies:

Healthy lunch Lunch #1 – Baked tortilla chips, hummus, fruit salad, and vanilla yogurt. Total: $1.45

Lunch #2 –
Crackers, sliced cheddar cheese, vanilla almond popcorn, blueberries, and half an apple
Total: $1.96

Lunch #3 –
Peanut butter granola, vanilla yogurt, strawberries, and chocolate popcorn
Total: $1.60

These combinations are just some ideas for you to get the ball rolling. Mix and match your favorite foods to make a well balanced meal that you’ll love! We know it’s hard to eat healthy and save money with your busy schedule, but that’s why we’re here to help you!

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