End of Semester Sorority Bonding!

As the semester winds down, every sorority wants to have a few last hurrahs. Why not do a little sorority bonding? It’s a great way to get every member involved and give your sisters memories that last the whole summer! Here are some ideas for bonding that will give your members something fun to take home or be a part of.

Tye Dye Shirts – Everyone loves a good tie dye session. Each member can make their own shirts and take them home! You can have every member dye in your sorority colors if you want, and when everyone’s done you all can show off how different your tie dye designs are. Each shirt has the same colors, but they’re all original, just like every sorority member!

Dart Art—This idea is perfect if you want something to put in your sorority house, or on a big wall. You can get anything, a large sheet or a huge piece of paper or you can spring for a big piece of canvas. Next, duct tape your sorority letters onto it. When that’s done, have all the SONY DSCsorority members can help put paint into balloons, tie the balloons, and tape or pin the balloon ends to your canvas. Then take some darts and throw them at your canvas! You’ll end up with a splatter painted canvas. When the paint is dry, take the duct tape off and you have a work of art! Check our Pinterest board for more direction, and more fun bonding ideas!


Close pin Collage – Grab a piece of cardboard and cut out a circle. Then cut out the middle of the circle so you have a ring. cf96fb47dfebbb60ab094e48d579ed17Take some close pins and use wood glue to glue your close pins onto the outside of your ring, and do that all the way around. You can decorate it by coloring your close pins if you want. When the glue is dry, put your pictures in the close pins and you’ll have a wheel of photos!

Memory Jar– Have every sorority member get a mason jar. They can SAMSUNGdecorate their jar so it has their name on it, or whatever they want. Label each jar with someone’s first name. Every member can write memories they have with each member on small pieces of paper, and put those memories in their respective jars. When you’re all done, every member should have a jar full of memories that they can look at over the summer!


Don’t let the fall semester sneak up on you! 
Create your own bid day shirts today and get ahead of the game!
Happy bonding!

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