Fabulous Formal Finds

Formal is only a few days away and you still don’t have a dress. Your sisters have been constantly texting you, asking to see a picture of what you and your date are going to wear. You start to panic.

We’ve all been there. It’s easy to stress about buying a formal dress especially when you’re living on a college budget. You’re so busy trying to balance paying your dues and your rent, you totally forget about saving up money for the perfect formal outfit. Take a deep breath and don’t stress about the dress! Shopping for your dress online can save both time and money. Below is a list of my favorite websites that have cute and affordable dresses for formal.

>Forever 21: Forever 21 is a great store to find formal dresses. The only thing better than the actual store is the online website!  You can browse pages and pages of dresses without even having to leave your bed. The store sells numerous types of dresses ranging from strapless maxis to halter top skater dresses.  Dresses start as low as six dollars!

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Tribal Print Strapless Dress- $22.80

Crisscross-Back Lace Dress- $22.90

>LuLu’s: I absolutely ador LuLu’s. I was recently introduced to this online store through a sorority sister and now I can never stop browsing their website. With over ten categories of dresses, its almost impossible not to find something you love. And the best part? If you sign up for their emails, you can receive 10% off you first purchase. Now that’s a sweet deal.

Favorite styles:  c93e01c20b486eb63a186532221507d1 a3e771c79df7595d383a415b4b210362

Modern Goddess Beaded Black Dress- $85.00

All the Cage Magenta Purple Dress- $48.00

>Nasty Gal: Want to be the trendiest sister at formal? Then I definitely recommend you check out Nasty Gal! Their dresses may a bit more expensive than other sites, however, they have some of the funkiest dressed you can find on the internet. Don’t be afraid to stand out in style at our Spring formal.

Favorite Styles:  576dc8819ec5b98c6dbb2e8477b05a04 25c39b7687cef03c2ab1eabdafe331c9

Censored Skater Dress- $128.00

I Wanna Be Adorned Mesh Dress- $98.00

>Tobi: You are bound to find a cute and affordable dress on Tobi. Tobi’s styles have been sweeping across every college campus. The website not only has amazing dresses, but has a variety of different products you can use to add flare to your outfit including purses, jewelry, and headwear. Don’t forget, you get 50% of your first order! My favorite part about Tobi’s dresses is that they all come in a variety of colors

Favorite Styles:  f9dfeb027cf9cc1ad090662ef5140489 f405a274e834028a34721e73160616a2

Tobi Ophelia Off the Shoulder dress- $58.00

Brooke Dress- $62.00


Now that you’ve found your perfect dress, check out our websites for tons of formal favor designs!

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