Fall Crafting

Tis the season to be crafty!

Fall and winter are among the most decorative seasons of the year. We absolutely adore the window displays in department stores and all the decorations that you find at Target or at Michael’s, but it adds up. Why not use what you have to make your own?

Do-it-yourself projects are fun, easy, and most of all cheap! Take advantage of your free time or take a study break and start crafting away. Make something for your apartment, friends, or your little! Some of our favorite projects this season are:

Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint spices even the most ordinary thing, like a pumpkin, up. You can use wood, plastic, or even actual pumpkins and paint it with chalkboard paint. Wait until it dries and write whatever you want on it! If you get tired of looking at the same thing for a while, change it up and chalk something  new!

Mason Jars

You can do anything with a mason jar! Paint it and make it a vase or mod podge some leaves to it and viola, you’ve got a candle! Mason jars are fairly cheap and easy to buy in bulk!


Wreaths are a great way to show that you are in the holiday spirit! You are putting your personality and apartment on display for all to see…so why not get creative?

We’ve pinned these ideas and more, so check out our DIY Fall Crafting Board and others that we’ve made! If you want to make your own fall design for a shirt, send us your ideas! We would love to help!

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