Fashion Trends

Every year there are new fashion trends that come out. We have listed a few that are taking over our closets right now.

The Four Leading Colors:

  • The #1 color of the season is Emerald.
  • Burgundy
  • Gray
  • Tan

Look in your closest and see if you have any of these trends! 

Chevron Rug.
Bow Tanks
If you don’t have any clothing with bows on it, check out our website for our Bow Tanks!

Tribal Print
tumblr_mm2hchCfYo1rxu1xdo1_500.jpg 500×750 píxeles

Leather Add-ons
We saw this shirt on a very famous blogger.... and now we want it!
Adding leather to shirts and jackets with other material is really in right now. That shirt is ASOS. 

Geometric Shapes
Abstract geometric shape poster

Sweaters and shirts are filled with geometric patterns and colors.

Floral Print

floral print

You can never go wrong with floral print shirts.

Lace Pockets

Wyatt ‘Heather Grey Jersey Lace Pocket Tank’ - no longer available

How cute is Taylor Swift in her tank with lace pocket?

Black & White Stripes with Color Accents

Black and White Strips Yellow Dress

Black and White stripes with a color accent is very popular. Adding a pop of a color can really make your outfit.

Black & Camo Combos. 

Couper baseball teee in Black/Native Camo

This black and camo combo from VANS is perfect for not only males but females. There are a lot jackets, tees, and pants mixing and matching black and army fatigue.

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