Flower Power

With Spring just around the corner, sororities across the nation are jumping with joy. As the snow begins to melt away, flowers are beginning to bloom onto paddles, shirts, headbands, and more.

As spring draws closer, there are so many ways to incorporate flowers into bid day, recruitment, socials, founder’s day, formal, and philanthropy. Here are a few ways for your sorority to feel some floral vibes as we eagerly await for March to approach.  

> flower headbands: You can’t go wrong wearing a flower headband on bid day! These cute and bright accessories make a fabulous fashion statement. They can have one big flower or a bunch of small ones, ether way they will definitely be a hit.

> Floral paddles: When making a paddle for your big or little, it can be hard to decide how to design it. Flowers are a simple, yet creative way to decorate any paddle. You can paint them on the paddle or you can glue fake flowers around the edges. It’s up to you!

> Floral themed shirts: The best part about being Greek is that you always have a shirt to wear. Flowered shirts stand out and look amazing paired with anything from shorts and sandals to jeans and flats. Flowers can brighten anyone’s day.

> Wooden floral letters: Floral painted letters make a fantastic gift for any sister. Whether you choose to use daises or roses, flowers will make your letters stand out from the rest.

Check out our Flower Power board on Pinterest for some inspiration!

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