Fraternity Formal

As the weather starts to warm up, and the semester continues to fly by, it is time to start thinking about Spring Formal ‘14! Whether your chapter hosts a one night event at a local third party vendor, or goes on a weekend vacation, Fraternity formals are the best time of the year for almost every Frat.  Formal is the main event that brothers look forward too because it is usually at the end of the semester, right before finals. The timing is great because it’s a chance to celebrate the semester and the initiation of new members into your chapter, before having to deal with the stress of finals. It is important for fraternities to have a Formal Chair who plans where the formal will be, a hotel or house for the members to stay during the weekend, food and beverages for the event, and handles the costs.  It is also a great idea to make t-shirts and for big brothers to pay for their little who has just been initiated and are attending their first formal. Also be sure to get as many alumni to attend as possible. These are a few traditions my fraternity has always done and it works out great! Formal is the best time of the year for fraternities so make sure to take time setting it up and it will be a good time for all the brothers and their dates.

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