Fraternity Rush Guide: What to Expect During Your First Rush

Fraternity rush is an intense time in a new college student’s life, and as it approaches it never fails to cause apprehension and nervousness in potential new recruits. If you are planning on going Greek, you may be curious to know what you are up against, and how to best handle it. Of course, every rush is different, but what follows are a few pointers on how to approach your rush, and what you can expect along the way.

Choose wisely

Not all fraternities are the same. In fact, they vary widely in their focus and their day-to-day operations. Consider what you want out of a fraternity, and only go for the ones that fit with you. Remember, this is not just a commitment for college – it is a commitment for life. Choose a fraternity that fits with your values, and who you want to become.

Be yourself

You have probably heard this before, but it bears repeating. You are trying to form lifelong connections here, so it is vital that you show who you really are. This does not mean you lose control or act arrogantly. It means you allow what you truly value to show. Express what is important to you and act with honesty. That way, when a fraternity chooses you, they choose you for who your really are, not a character you are playing.

Expect the unexpected

Many fraternities make it a point of creating the most intense, disorienting rush they can. A person’s true nature is exposed through adversity, and fraternities know this. There is no way you can prepare for every eventuality, so prepare yourself for composure instead. Stay calm, know what is important to you, and know that you are doing your best. This will have the added benefit of making you stand out from the crowd.

Prepare for hazing

This is one of the greatest fears of potential recruits, and for good reason. Hazing can sometimes get out of hand. In general, hazing has become less extreme in recent years, but you never know when people will go too far. Trust yourself to know when enough is enough. You can be prepared to go the distance to get what you want, but also stay aware of your own safety.

Rejection happens

Not everyone makes it into the fraternity of their choice. Remember, all you can do is your best. Ultimately, the decision rests in someone else’s hands. If the fraternity of your choice does not choose you, know that there are other options. While many successful people joined a fraternity, many more did not.

An exciting challenge

Fraternity rush is a unique experience, and no matter how it turns out, it is one you are not likely to forget. Keep the above tips in mind when you are facing the challenges ahead of you. That way, no matter what the result, you will come out better than you went in.

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