Fresh Semester, Fresh Sorority

Sorority Resolutions

With a fresh new semester still upon us, it’s important to decide what kind of semester you want to have. Every semester is different in Sorority life and now is the time to make some sorority based resolutions to help you be the best sister you can.

1. Leave All the Drama in the Past! 

I can’t stress how important this is. Give everyone in your chapter a fresh start. Let go of any petty drama that occurred last semester. Now is the time to forgive and forget. You only have 4 years as an active member and any time you spend angry or bitter is a waste of time. Drama happens and is expected but it’s important to be the bigger person and just let it go. Make some amends. Try not to get involved in drama this semester!

2. Make a Personal Goal to not Gossip.

This means no gossiping on sisters, fellow students or other organizations. I know it sounds hard because sometimes your other sisters will start the gossip. If that happens simply smile and change the subject.  Don’t encourage it, don’t agree with it.

3. Evaluate How You’re Doing in Your Position.

Think about what position(s) you hold. Are you giving it your absolute best? Think about what improvements, changes or goals you want to see for that position and try to do it. Talk to other members or E-Board and see what suggestions they have. No matter how big or how small your position is, it’s vital to the flow of your sorority.

4. Attend as Many Social Events as Possible!

You only have four years as a member of your amazing organization so live it up! Attend every mixer, date function, and sister hang out that your schedule allows. Unless it gets in the way of school, go and have fun!

5. Bond with a Sister You’re Not Close To.

Obviously you love your big and your little and your pledge sisters etc. but what about a sister who you have no “connection” to. Make an effort to get to know her better. Invite her out to lunch just the two of you, or just make a goal to have a more personal conversation with them. Find out about their family, their classes, their hometown etc. Even if you don’t end up being best friends, you still made an effort to become closer.

6. Order a Cute New Shirt to Start the Semester Off Right!

Whether this is a group order for the whole chapter or just a single order for you, Greek Streak can help you out! We have thousands of design ideas for your chapter and plenty of cute single orders in our Press Collection. Maybe this is the semester your chapter finally gets those spirit jerseys they’ve been talking about!


Chapter Pride Painting 11x14 by meghansimonett on Etsy, $25.00

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